Actor Danny Trejo

From prison to profits: Danny Trejo's secret — don't act like a movie star

David Bowie

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Special Forces of the World. - 9GAG

Peter O’Toole backstage on the opening night of ‘Hamlet’ at the Old Vic in London. This was the inaugural production of the National Theatre Company, with Laurence Olivier as its director, 1963

She Devoured Men The Way She Devoured Cigarettes

The 45 Most Badass Lines Ever Uttered in Real Life

Patricia Quinn as Magenta in The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

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Viggo Mortenson - Alatriste

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Groucho Marx

Diseñador gráfico y web freelance. Webmaster & Seo. Laredo, Cantabria

Iggy Pop / Joey Ramone

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exene cervenka & lydia lunch

Robert Duvall - one of my favorite actors

The 35 Manliest Mustaches of All Time

Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly

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The Road Warrior

⠀: The Road Warrior ・ ・ ・ Director: George Miller ...

William Powell (actor) - Died March 5, 1984. Born July 29, 1892. The Thin Man, Life with Father, Mr. Roberts, survived nearly 50 years after experimental cancer surgery in the '30s, married to Diana Lewis for over 40 years. American actor who typically played highly self-confident characters, with a sophisticated sense of humor and wit.

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Dave Grohl


Dean Martin

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Don't care about the film but here is the Rock with a mini-gun!

Germain's Most Anticipated Films of 2015

Robert Carlyle

kinoweb: Plunkett & Macleane

Liam Neeson (Godfrey - Kingdom of Heaven)...always pictured Liam for the role of Malachy II in my series.

Fiverr - Hire people to do online marketing projects for $5

Boudicca - Queen of the Iceni Celts under Roman rule. When her husband, King Prasutagus, died in 60AD, the Romans reneged on an earlier agreement & demanded Boudicca hand over her land & wealth. She refused & the Romans beat her & raped her daughters. In turn, Boudicca amassed & led a force of 100,000 warriors against the Roman army & very nearly defeated them... her army sacked London and held the Romans at bay for over 6 months... longer than any other military leader ever...

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Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki

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Simon Pegg describing his experience on Star Trek - how brilliant is that!

Star Struck - Cheezburger

Tribute to Tim Burton by Marie Bergeron Beetlejuice

Tribute to Tim Burton par Marie Bergeron

Rob Zombie is an American musician, film director, screenwriter and film producer. He founded the heavy metal band White Zombie and has been nominated three times as a solo artist for the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance

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