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Amazing all directions shower with beautiful tile walls.

Water water everywhere! >> this is amazing! Shower or splash park? Is that water coming back up at you from the floor like an undercarriage wash at a carwash?

Portable Mini HD DLP Projector

Now you can have the luxury of a big screen movie in the palm of your hand! With a portable HD projector for your iPhone you can use your phone to project movies on screens up to 60 inches! The sky is limit

Walk Up To The Club Like What Up I Have Social Anxiety And I Want To Go Home #Anxiety

This shirt isn't for Macklemore. This shirt is for someone who walks up to the club like "What up. I have social anxiety, and I want to go home.

VERTEPAC: World's First Backpack With Its Own Spine. by VERTEPAC — Kickstarter

Revolutionary daypack that mimics the mechanics of your body. To accomplish your ultimate performance!

Built in gun safe

Built in gun safe - add shelving or cabinets on the sides to use the space better.

Great way to hide those ugly breaker boxes!

Sweet distressed door cover for the electrical panel in the laundry room.

How To Build A Tailgate Wall Bench Having just purchased a home. My wife and I decided the entire house belonged to her except for the garage and back porch and the yard. She may have made a mistake! A friend gave me this old Ford tailgate after I told him I was decorating my back porch in vintage Gas station/ feed store style. I decided to make a working bench out of it while also using it for decoration. This is how I did it!

How To Build A Tailgate Wall Bench.honey you owe me one of these but use it for the TV Outdoor Media Center not bench!

Hidden gun shelf

Because if it doesn't latch/close completely, it'll look normal. Ya know, rustic barnish