Ribbon Headband Holders~These are adorable~I could make them with totally different ribbon styles to match your home, or bathroom, or bedroom decor. Not just for little girls~there is so many things you could hang on them too~

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Gotta corral those headbands! 30 Fabulous DIY Organization Ideas for Girls **GREAT for Montana's hair stuff!

Small Space "office space" not the colors per say but what a great idea so jack and i can have our own desk area for studying etc.

19 Great Home Office Ideas for Small Mobile Homes

Turn an old bookcase into a homework station for kids. Suuuch a clever idea! saves so much space! could be used for adult desk/kid desk duo too.

love the clear door on that closing bookshelf thingy, and the swing. but the swing definitely needs to be higher

Here is another bedroom with a swing. If I had one, I would swing and write my diary, read stories to fluff ster (imaginary friend.) and I would push my animals on my swing and I would color and swing on there! would die for a swing in my room!

Desk ideas on this site along with a lot it other home ideas

Explore out of the box Awesome Small Desks For Bedrooms Small Bedroom Desk ideas in a number of photos from Jane Green, home design expert.

Que al artista dentro de tus hijos nunca le falten espacios para expresarse. Una pared de pizarrón en el cuarto se convierte en un lienzo.

If I ever decide to have children, the little rugrat is getting chalkboard paint on their walls! ----- Chalkboard wall paint for kids play room.

How to use pegboard to create a cute office area.

10 Unique Ways to Use Pegboards In Your Home

A Movable Girl's Study Desk - Petit & Small // the pegboard idea is quite clever

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