Growing Hair! Science Idea

Springtime Science with Seeds

Cute kids DIY idea - Childs picture glued onto a clear cup, fill with dirt, plant grass seeds and watch the crazy hair grow! Kids love to give their grass heads a trim when the grass gets long too!

Science Experiment - cool to do with the kids in the fall for learning colors - have it on display at circle-time -- do again in the spring when flowers are blooming and let's see what they are going to do -- maybe the kids can do their own colored carnation with mixing colors and observing what they created appear - take home to mom, etc...... :)

Carnation science experiment: rainbows of color. White carnations soak up food color and can be dyed any color you choose.

Experiment - Is black really black?  Try with different colors to make flowers

This is a simple and cool science experiment titled 'Is black really black?good for science day

Cute plant

SPRING IS COMING :) Kids diy chia pet craft. Science, flowers, garden and planting ideas for kid's activities and learning.

Science Experiment : Changing How We Look at Changing | The Happy Scientist

Science Experiment : Changing How We Look at Changing