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Caleb Mitchell
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This just looks absolutely disgusting

DIABTES<<< My goal In life is to get skinny so I can eat this and not feel bad about it.<<< at first I was like "ooo yummy" then I was like "oh wait no. This is how you get diabetes.": Cake, Chocolate, Recipe, S

Harley Quinn, in a Gotham Noir style

Harley Quinn Vintage Vogue Dress / Gotham Noir Line - So here is the finished product of one of the four dresses in the Harley Quinn section of my Gotham Noir collection! Only this dress will be made.

League of Legends - Syndra

Syndra Cosplay Cosplaying Syndra, the Dark Sovereign from League of Legends Online Game Was chosen in the RCC Singles Cosplay Contest at AFA: Anime Fest. Syndra, the Dark Sovereign from League of Legends

League of Legends - Mordekaiser

Reifes as MordeKaiser from League of Legends. This costume was created in two weeks by Reifes, together with the help of fellow Project Zen members Gear. MordeKaiser, Master of Metal