Black Cats

While persuing this board, if you notice a duplicate pin, PLEASE comment it to me. I will delete the offender. I dislike repeating myself but sometimes it happens. As always, these pins are just pins and no claim to any pin is made by me. Will happily remove any picture if asked to do so and/or give proper credit when due. Now don't let a black cat cross in front of you and don't walk under any ladders!
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Black Cats Bring Good Luck! It's only Ignorant people and those who pass themselves as 'humans' that have an Evil heart that would hurt and kill these beautiful animals! BLACK CATS bring GOOD LUCK to the owner. AUGUST IS BLACK CAT APPRECIATION DAY.


We are incredible Henri fans. the Momma was just on her Facebook page and saw that Henri had just posted Video about Halloween. The thieving filmaker strikes again, and Henri... sigh... well, take a look for yourself Thank you again William Braden!