Mama and baby owl

Mom and Baby Owl…

This is so adorable...

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German Shepherd Momma and baby. Too cute, baby mirroring Momma. #GSD #german #shepherds #dogs #puppies #pets #animals

Qualities of a German Shepherd - Annie Many

Dachshund love #dachshund

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This is the Canada lynx. Learn more about species like this by participating in Endangered Species Day!

00918-06506.jpg | Daniel J. Cox/Natural Exposures


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cute #kids #disney #duck #donald #donaldduck #quack #blue #white #cool #walk #park


Walking Together

Different is beautiful, never forget that! - Wildlife Earth on Pinterest.

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Close up of Musk ox Mama and baby by Doug Lindstrand

Twitter / CuteEmergency: Look how cute he is! ...

This baby hippo got swept away by a tsunami and a 130 year old tortoise became his new best friend

Baby hippo and old tortoise become best friends…

Cuddling polar bears

Our World's Wildlife - Community - Google+


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Gorilla in the mist

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The cuteness is overwhelming!!! God created such AMAZING creatures!!!

Moms and their babies.

.... 2 hours old

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. . .a mother's love . . F i l l y ♥

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You Are So Loved vertical print by thewheatfield on Etsy

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Carol Garner

Bear Cuddles

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such a beautiful moment caught on film... I especially love the expression of the cub in the front, looking up at mommy

Family Hug by Andrew Schoeman | 500px