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Dog Age Calculator Find Dog's Age In Human Years. ~ So, it not really, 1 human year = 7 dog years!

Dog Age Calculator Find Dog's Age In Human Years

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Cavachon - cutest puppy in the world!

Cute Cavachon puppy

King Charles Spaniel cross Bichon Frise aka cavachon

cavachon - my next puppy!

Cavachon information and Cavachon puppies and dogs for sale

Our Cavachon puppy sleeping. Ahhhhh!

new dog, bringing a new dog home, rescue dog, new puppy,

Makes me smile :)

Makes me smile :)


cachorros golden :D

(via tiit)

So sweet! I love this!

Cutie! ♥

Ohh my goodness! I want both of these little puppies!


Boundary Training Wouldn't it be nice to be 100% confident that your dog will stay in your yard even without a fence or leash (ok, 95%)? Is there a room in your house your dog must remain out of, such as baby's room, your formal dining room, or your business office? Are you frustrated with your dog trampling your flowers in the garden you worked so hard on?

Puppy stretches

Too Cute


Labrador Retrievers

Alaskan klee kai (mini husky). They stay mini forever. eek!