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Some might say, "What's the big deal about a pillow with a cute little saying?"

nordstrom-skinny-sleep-pillow, do we need more 'skinny' triggers in our lives, eating disorders, tweens,

Urban Outfitters New "Back-to-School" T-Shirts. My only question... "Why?".

Urban Outfitters New "Back-to-School" T-Shirts. My only question... "Why?".

pragmatic innovation.

The “Hockerbank” meaning stool-bench designed by Johanna Dehio was inspired by makeshift seating. This series consists of several stools that are supplemented by a plank with round cut outs and round tables which can also be transformed into a long table.

...but well written and hilarious.

This could be the funniest letter I have read in a looong time. epic letter--totally how I feel about alarm clocks, especially ones without the radio option!

If a picture paints a thousand words...

Female Voters in Spotlight of Romney, Obama Battle