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Sydney graffiti

Street Art

Though they usually escape blame, a surprising number of cracked sidewalks are caused by rowdents.

Artist: Bansky

Ronald's inner turmoil after having duped all those "billions and billions served" via his gmo, high fat, low nutritional value, JUNK food… Jump Ronald you clown!

Awesome street art, how cute is this little guy !

(link) STREET ART: Chalk Art by David Zinn 2 ~ Alien Monster Rake / Raking the Autumn Leaves ~ Fall Harvest / yard garden / work and play / kids child children / concrete sidewalk / path ~ for more great PINs w/good links visit ~ have fun!

Books by LAS-T on @DeviantArt

Captured moments of our idealistic past - our childhood seen through emotions of homesickness but also sentimental bliss. Yearning for those moments of pure, unadulterated brilliance. Books by LAS-T

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Chalk Artist David Zinn - At Village of Dexter, Michigan. (August 25, 2014)

Clever New Chalk Art from Street Artist David Zinn

David Zinn sidewalk chalk illustrations – kid-friendly street art – children’s art Small for Big

pinterest //  ♛@baileykulesza♛

Come here, kitty. British street artist JPS shows this cat's graceful balance on a wall in Barcelona, Spain. Can you walk the chain as confidently?-via Street Art Utopia.

Street Art

I want to watch Tom & Jerry cartoons whenever I see this Street Art. Very funny!

If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes politics.

Funny pictures about If you repeat a lie. Oh, and cool pics about If you repeat a lie. Also, If you repeat a lie.


Pink skeleton, stenciled on a street in Paris. - wouldn't this be fun to do around town for Halloween?

3D art at its best

Funny pictures about Banksy's Stained Glass. Oh, and cool pics about Banksy's Stained Glass. Also, Banksy's Stained Glass photos.

17 bilder på gatukonst som kommer förändra din syn på graffiti

The Legend of Giants, Białystok, Poland by Natalia Rak ★Great idea and beautiful painting!

Street Art by Domke in Germany

Have I mentioned I love Banksy? A Banksy tattoo would be awesooooommmmeeee. Love this one. Love sick lol so dope

Genius in simplicity

(link) STREET ART: From a Chalk Street Art Project of college students in the Philippines. ~~~ socks and sneakers / child / kid knees / pipes ~ for more great PINs w/good links visit ~ have fun!

Absolutely Madness

Funny pictures about A Slice Of Paradise. Oh, and cool pics about A Slice Of Paradise. Also, A Slice Of Paradise photos.