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The book that started the fermentation revolution is updated and revised with new recipes and new advice from Sandor Katz!

Chelsea Green Publishing - Wild Fermentation

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Chelsea Green Publishing

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Chelsea Green Publishing

Surviving the Future - Culture, Carnival and Capital in the Aftermath of the Market Economy:

Chelsea Green Publishing - Surviving the Future

Lean Logic - A Dictionary for the Future and How to Survive It:

Chelsea Green Publishing - Lean Logic

Wild Fermentation - The Flavor, Nutrition, and Craft of Live-Culture Foods, 2nd Edition:

Chelsea Green Publishing - Wild Fermentation

The Ketogenic Kitchen - Low carb. High fat. Extraordinary health. -

Chelsea Green Publishing - The Ketogenic Kitchen

Restoring Heritage Grains - Eli Rogosa

Chelsea Green Publishing - Restoring Heritage Grains

Miraculous Abundance - One Quarter Acre, Two French Farmers, and Enough Food to Feed the World

Chelsea Green Publishing - Miraculous Abundance

An Unlikely Vineyard - The Education of a Farmer and Her Quest for Terroir

Chelsea Green Publishing - An Unlikely Vineyard

The New Wildcrafted Cuisine - Exploring the Exotic Gastronomy of Local Terroir

Chelsea Green Publishing - The New Wildcrafted Cuisine

Here at Chelsea Green Publishing, we believe that it matters where our food comes from and how it is grown because a healthy food system is key to ensuring a resilient, sustainable, and healthy future for all of us. We’ve put ALL ourfood & drink books on sale for 35% off — but hurry it …

Food & Drink Sale! Save 35% on all Food & Drink books through August 1st - Blog

Heritage grains expert Eli Rogosa on why restoring heritage grains are important for our health, local economies, and the planet.

Author Q&A: Eli Rogosa, "Restoring Heritage Grains" - Blog

Learn how to prevent and treat osteoporosis through whole foods and better nutrition

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Chelsea Green Publishing

Have you heard of the pawpaw? A few generations ago, most would say “yes!” You could ask just about anyone and they could tell you what this fruit looked and tasted like, and more importantly, where to find it. But today, the pawpaw remains a mystery to some and entirely unknown to others. In Pawpaw: …

What in the World is a Pawpaw? - Blog

The Art of Natural Cheesemaking - Using Traditional, Non-Industrial Methods and Raw Ingredients to Make the World's Best Cheeses

Chelsea Green Publishing - The Art of Natural Cheesemaking

Beyond the War on Invasive Species - A Permaculture Approach to Ecosystem Restoration

Chelsea Green Publishing - Beyond the War on Invasive Species

The Occidental Arts and Ecology Center Cookbook - Fresh-from-the-Garden Recipes for Gatherings Large and Small

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The Community-Scale Permaculture Farm - The D Acres Model for Creating and Managing an Ecologically Designed Educational Center

Chelsea Green Publishing - The Community-Scale Permaculture Farm

Will Bonsall's Essential Guide to Radical, Self-Reliant Gardening - Innovative Techniques for Growing Vegetables, Grains, and Perennial Food Crops with Minimal Fossil Fuel and Animal Inputs

Chelsea Green Publishing - Will Bonsall's Essential Guide to Radical, Self-Reliant Gardening

New book demonstrates how to produce and sell pasture-raised meat using ethical and sustainable practices.

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Altered Genes, Twisted Truth by Steven Druker - Chelsea Green

Book Exposes Scientific Fraud, Collusion on GMOs - Chelsea Green

The latest offerings from our publishing partners, both at home and abroad - Chelsea Green

The Latest Offerings From Our Publishing Partners - Chelsea Green

Did you know there are 13 essential plants for human survival and they can all be found right outside your door for free? From dandelion to thistle to clover, the nutritional and medicinal benefits of these weeds might surprise you.

The 13 Weeds Essential for Human Survival - Chelsea Green

In this new memoir, Angels By the River, Gus Speth - Chelsea Green author and environmental insider - calls for radical change to our political and economic systems in order to meet the impending climate challenge. Are you ready to answer the call?

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