CH14R4 F071

CH14R4 F071

Italia,Messina / FNAFHS💜💙| Pandora Hearts🖤😵| Assassination Classroom🔪😀| Fujoshi👬😍| Otaku💖💚💜💛💙🖤
CH14R4 F071
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You've have lost yourself since the day you realized that you lost a person you thought that never mattered

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Very close to Bae and Jolene growing up, so she decided to adopt the "pastel goth" aesthetic. Is cute and playful, but can hold a deep conversation. She is more attracted to minds than bodies, but does prefer males.

Born Like an Artist!

Born Like An Artist. Not just being an artist though, everything, life in general, every dream. No borders.

He just wanted a date

-HEAVY SPOILERS- the moral of the story is: never go on a date---- Kaneki ken didn't deserve it


Lmao XD we need this okay! After all the tragedies that I've lived while watching/reading Tokyo ghoul!