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honduran white bats!

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Mail Onlinefrom Mail Online

Wildlife rescuers astonished to find TWO super-rare albino wombats wandering the Australian outback

Rare albino wombats.

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Northampton Reptile Centrefrom Northampton Reptile Centre

Photo competition winners announced, did you win?

albino praying mantis

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Albino toad

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Pharaoh, a white serval, at Big Cat Rescue.

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Rescued baby albino porcupine enjoying an apple slice.

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Albino Pelican

23 Wonderful Albino Animal Pictures

Friends...they see no color

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Albino Raccoon

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Successful hunter by Patrick Hoffman

white kiwi chick

Short Sharp Science: Rare white kiwi chick bounces back from rocky repast

Albino echidna

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Ghost Bat

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White crow

White Crow Has No Fear | English Russia

bearded dragon

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Albino snail: It's the Milky Bar snail

Albino rarity: a glowing white snail

★ 25 Unbelievable #Albino #Animals: Rattle #snake ★ @List25 @Juan Castillo #Albinism is a #congenital defect characterized by absence of #pigment in skin. Although this condition can be looked upon as an imperfection, it is what makes some animals unique. Here’s your cuteness overload for the day. Albino’s have pink/red eyes, also display light blue eyes. Enjoy this montage of 25 albino animals #WTF #OMG #bizarre #weird #Strange #Odd #unusual #Funny #amazing #Animaux #nature #beauty #life

55 Beautiful Photographs to Refresh Your Day

Albino Snapping Turtle baby

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albino capybara

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white otter cubs

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white baby antelope


white kiwi



New Antarctic Life Discovered in the Deep

Several species of previously unknown marine animals have been discovered thriving in one of the strangest habitats on Earth - next to hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor near Antarctica, in an environment that is too hot, too dark, and too toxic to support most other sea life.

New Antarctic Life Discovered in the Deep - TIME