Graffiti shouldn't be illegal

31 Inspiring Works Of Graffiti To Brighten Your Day

Yeah, I'm a Banksy fan. I wish I'd taken the time to find his LA pieces when I lived there...

A History Of Banksy Graffiti Street Art (Infographic)

Canvas art gallery Canvas Elite has created a fantastic infographic that traces the career of the infamous and mythical graffiti artist Banksy.

Idk why I love this so much like wow...

Our Ends Are Beginnings - by ParadisiacPicture (pascale) on DeviantArt (Showcasing 50 Creative Photo-Manipulations on CrispMe)

petri-rahkola-bobafette4.jpg (1920×2901)

Official Post from Petri Rahkola: "Bobafette" My female version of Bobafett. I have stuck in this Star Wars theme :D Tried to make it detailed as i can but then i realize that i have used too much time in this.

The role of black women’s labor in the creation of American society is often overlooked. As an example, this holiday season many are learning — for the very first time — that blac…

Japanese-Canadian Artist Recreates Rosie the Riveter as a Black Woman with an African Head Wrap

Today Rosie the Riveter is a white feminist symbol, but Japanese-British-Canadian artist Tim Okamura has reimagined her as a black woman wearing an African head wrap. Tico Armand served as a model for the shoot.

Kotobukiya "Miss Jason" Freddy vs. Jason Jason Voorhees Bishoujo Statue

Kotobukiya "Miss Jason" Freddy vs. Jason Jason Voorhees Bishoujo Statue "so dope"

"Game Over" by Frank Morrison

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