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DIY is typically the cheapest, and arguably the best, but certainly the most fulfilling way to do almost anything. Putting together a home gym is no exception to that rule. This board is all about creative ways to build and/or repurpose items for functional fitness in the comfort of one's own #garage. #homegym #diy #crossfit
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Made by Brewer's Ledge, it’s like a treadmill for rock climbers. Instead of a static wall of rocks like usual indoor climbing equipment, though, it gives you a rotating climbing wall so you can climb as high as you can and never have to worry about coming back down.

Treadwall Is A Treadmill For Rock Climbers

Rubber flooring DIY - Tractor Supply Co. stall mats make fantastic gym floor surfaces.

Working With & Securing Stall Mats in a Garage Gym

Quick & Dirty Plate Rack by Greg Everett

Quick & Dirty Plate Rack

Squat Rack with lifting platform

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CrossFit gym garage setup

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Great video of muscle up drills. Time to add this to my routine. I would love to get a muscle up by the spring.

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Gym ideas. I especially like the homemade rock wall.

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The best DIY plyo box on the web. Very cool "jigsaw" interlocking design looks super solid. Can't wait to build this.

DIY 3-in-1 WOOD PLYO BOX for $35!

Warehouse gym

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I love this link! Garage gym inspiration for days.

Garage Gym Photos - Inspirations & Ideas Gallery page 1

Kipping, what's that? G.I Chins #kipping

Motivational Image Gallery Page 10 - Garage Gyms

DIY sled. One of the better diy setups on the web.

How to Make a DIY Prowler Sled

All out Rogue Fitness fan - so much Rogue; all Rogue! #garagegym

Inspirational Garage Gyms & Ideas Gallery Pg 9 - Garage Gyms

Climbing Wall Ideas

Slideshow: A Platform for Living | Dwell

There's no better way to add an awesome personal touch than Do It Yourself climbing holds. Learn more from our How To Make Climbing Wall Holds infographic.

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How to build a home climbing wall

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Muay thai / Boxing Tyre Bag - Explosive Fitness

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DIY Jerk boxes

How to Build Jerk Boxes

DIY Tire heavy bag Blog

Training with Contact hang board

Contact Training Board Guide

Home gym idea - cool mini rock wall.

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Excellent info! 10 Essential Items to Outfit Your Home Gym | Breaking Muscle

10 Essential Items to Outfit Your Home Gym


Make a Pull-up Bar – Updated

One of the most commonly misunderstood pieces of fitness equipment, the indoor rower (also known as an ergometer) can also be one of the most useful, productive, beneficial cardio tools in an athletes routine. Learn the different phases of the stroke including the catch position, the drive phase the finish position and the recovery phase. As well you set an in depth explanation on how the damper works and how to best set the level.

Rowing Machine Poster | C2 rower, Indoor rower, Stages of the Rowing Stroke, Cardio Workout

The 27 Best Alternative Gyms in America: ideas galore!

The 27 Best Alternative Gyms in America