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Robots Will Kill You

Inevitable. Or not.

Kaiju Robot Japan 1980s

Badass sci-fi spec film, "Keloid".

Robot that runs like a house cat

Isaac Asimov. I Robot. 1st. Edition.

robots enjoying some sun while plotting the demise of the human race

Battlestar Galatica ('78) Cylon

Monopoly is holding a voting contest to remove one game piece and add a new one. The robot is one of the new voting options.

Japanese researchers continue quest to build life-like humanoid robots----to kill you

You better watch out. Robot Santa is coming to town.

Tinker is from the UK, invented by Dennis Weston in 1970. Tinker can be teleoperated from up to two miles away.

Poster featuring famous robots. Will it kill you? No. It's a poster, not actual robots.

Life-Size, Remote Controlled Wall-E Robot. Will it kill you? No, but the builder's shirt will.

RoboCop (2013) "Omnicorp Product Line" commercial. Will they kill you? We'll see in 2013.

RoboCop (2013) "Omnicorp Product Line"

Rosie - Model XB-500. Will it kill you? Don't worry Mr J. You should be fine. Best not to be excessively dirty around her though just in case.

Pris. Will it kill you? Avoid the legs.

GERTY. Will it kill you? You have 3 years to live.

Maximilian. Will it kill you? Even if it doesn't, the black hole will.

MechaGodzilla. Will it kill you? Best to avoid Japan.

Box (Logan's Run). Will it kill you? Freeze you to death.