Revolving Bookcase/Murphy Bed

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Bark as camo on this magnetic keyholder geocache.

Bark as Camo

Luxurious black leather lines the interior of the watch safe to provide a stunning backdrop and contrast to the Damascus steel accents, while the exterior is wrapped in a deep metallic gray finish polished to a high gloss. Luxury watch storage cases.

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Armor Glass® International, Inc. - Home Our Energy Star/Hurricane/Tornado/Explosion certified security window films Come in Clear or Solar Tint -(8 mil to 14 mil) Protects & Saves energy (enough to pay for itself) "Armors Your Glass" from window breach by Hurricanes, Earthquakes*. Blocks harmful UV rays that cause fading and skin cancer. Costs a Fraction of Alternatives: Impact Glass, Shutters, etc. Passed the Large Missile Impact Test/ GSA3b/3a Blast certified - A U.S.A.-made Product

Armor Glass® International, Inc. - Home

Steel Storm Shutters that can be closed from inside...

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quiet glide barn door hardware - Google Search bookshelf and closet door for bedroom in NH, inset baskets on shelves

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DIY Double Bookcase Doors

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Pull-out bathroom storage behind the shower plumbing wall. All that storage and easy access to the plumbing when you need it! What a great idea for a Tiny House

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Bookcase is secret door...

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Secret Bookcase Door to Office

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Secret Bookcase Door

Secret Bookcase Door to Bedroom

Long Gun in Secret Shelf Compartment

Gun Hidden in Wall Shelf

Zen Home Security Page

Zen Home Security Page

How to build your own secret compartment nightstand. - DIY Nightstand with Hidden Gun Drawer

Secret Drawer in DIY Nightstand

Secret Gun Compartment in Nightstand - A YouTube user made this DIY hidden compartment for $5 using small hinges and a second hand nightstand.

DIY Secret Compartment Nightstand

Extra Large Magnetic Stash Box - Two Heavy Dury Magnets have 240lbs Pulling Force | StashVault

Extra Large Magnetic Stash Box

The Vault Door

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Safe door. I watched the video on this door on youtube and it was pretty cool. I Want one!! now all i need is a house to put it on lol.......


The TITAN Steel Door makes a perfect Steel Front or Back Door, or any type of Steel Door.


Concealed Gun Display Rack

Hidden Gun Storage

This rowing machine is hidden in a stylish side table

Stylish Side Table Unfolds into Rowing Machine in Seconds

Secret Storage Behind Paintings

Secret Storage Behind Paintings

Secret Hollow Book with Flask

Secret Book Safe Conceals Flask

Magnetic Gun Mount

Magnet Gun and Magazine Mount

Stairs Hidden Behind Secret Door

Stairs Behind Secret Door