"Tunnels, Roads & Cardboard Caves Playset"

Tunnels, Roads & Cardboard Caves Playset

"Milk Jug Butterflies" Craft.

Translucent butterflies - effect is actually very nice, traced and cut from milk jug plastic and colored with Sharpies - replace pipecleaners with beads and metal finds. Milk Jug Decorative Window Crafts by Alphamom -

"Accordion_Folded_Spring_Flower" Craft.

Accordion Folded Spring Flower Collage

Accordion Folded Spring Flower Collage-did with graders. added blue sky with drawn/colored flowers for background.

"Wind-Up Paper Butterfly"

DIY Wind-Up Paper Butterflies by via Amelia of The Homebook via youaremyfave via handmadecharlotte: Great! great intro to transformation project *such as crushed cans or eaten candy

"Marker Cap Finger Puppets" Crafts.

What to do with old marker caps from dried up markers--The Handmade Adventures Of Captain Crafty marker cap finger puppets

"Talking Hands" Craft.

Krokotak paper hand puppet I had forgotten about this project - my students loved it. Glad to see it again!

"Rainbow Bottle"

I Spy Rainbow Bottle

"I spy with my little eye." Create your own traveling bottle w/ things around the house and keep kids entertained for hours (via Parents) (Bottle Bag I Spy)

"Potato Sprout People"

Potato Sprout People

potato final: Part science project and part cute craft, potato sprout people are simply potatoes with toothpicks decorated like boots, hats and gloves poked inside! Once decorated, you can make the potatoes sprout by placing them in water.

"Decorative Duct Tape Easter Eggs"

Yet another way to use duct tape -- to decorate your Easter eggs! This is a fun and easy project for you and your little ones to do toge.

"Paper and Button Flowers"

How cute are these pretty paper blossoms? They’re perfect for using up paper scraps, while putting the flowers together gives fine-motor muscles a real workout. Your kids will make an armful in no time.