Bored?  Draw eyebrows on your dog then laugh your butt off till their next bath! bbwwahahaha

Draw eyebrows on your dog and laugh until his next bath! Too funny! I'd have to draw white brows on my pure black dog, though.

Pluto! Never forget about that time when Pluto was an actual planet and not just a big rock. Nine planets forever!

I would totally wear this. / Pluto / graphic tee / t shirt / shirt / graphic t shirt / Pluto shirt / science / space / nerdy / funny


7 Super Excited "Ermahgerd" Animals

Homer - phone   (Russia)

Homer Simpson Phone Booth Great Simpsons Street Art from Russia, unfortunately I didn’t found out, who the artist is.

Haha... tubing dress? : D

Das Schlauchboot Kleid

A boat dress! For all those times I've been at a fancy party by a lake and thought, "MAN. If only my dress were a boat, I could just hop right in and go for a swim.


~Australian Schoolgirls~ Apparently they took pictures of themselves drinking far earlier than the invention on face book haha

This horse photobombing someone's wedding picture

32 Pictures You Need To See Before You Die

Richard Billingham

Richard Billingham "Untitled" part of "In the Blink of an Eye: Media and Movement" at the National Media Museum, Bradford until 2 September 2012 Photography: Courtesy the Anthony Reynolds Gallery

A basset hound running

Basset Hound, running. Basset Hound, running. Basset Hound, running.


Sometimes a mom just needs a 5 minute break. - boy - hung up on clothes line - black and white - drip dry

Thor, Thor: The Mighty Avenger paper doll

A look at the New Thor costume from the Avengers Teaser Trailer Make a Thor Paper Doll via Kyle Hilton Cool Avengers Origins Thor cover s.