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three crocheted superhero dolls with the text, 2 hour free pattern for them
2 hour crochet superhero doll: Amigurumi crochet ideas for boys
If you're looking for cute amigurumi patterns for boys, this small crochet superhero doll takes just 2 hours to crochet. With over 15 hairstyle options, you can customize it to the kid in your life. Add an initial for a real personalized crochet doll. It is the cutest mini crochet doll and would make a great crochet backpack buddy. #crochetdoll #crochetforboys #amigurumi
a crocheted teddy bear with a scarf around it's neck and the text super easy crochet lion free pattern
Easy crochet lion: Super easy amigurumi pattern
If you're looking for an easy crochet lion pattern, you will love this super easy amigurumi pattern. Part of our Juna Series of easy amigurumi animals, this lion is easy for beginners to crochet. Try this free crochet lion pattern today! #crochetlion #freeamigurumipattern #easyamigurumipatternforbeginners
three crochet dolls with the text, two hour crochet ballerina dolls free pattern
Mini Crochet Ballerina Dolls: Free Crochet Doll Pattern
This small crochet doll free pattern works up in just a couple of hours. With over fifteen different hairstyles to choose from, you can crochet a customized doll. This mini ballerina crochet doll is a great crochet gift for a girl. #crochetdoll #crochetballerina #quickamigurumiprojects
a pink crochet bunny stuffed animal sitting on top of a wooden table with text overlay that reads, crochet bunny free pattern
No Sew Crochet Bunny: Easy Crochet Plushie Bunny Free Pattern
This easy crochet plushie bunny is a no sew amigurumi pattern. You can crochet this blanket yarn amigurumi pattern in just a couple of hours. It makes for such a cute cuddly crochet stuffed animal. #crochetbunny #nosewamigurumi #crochetstuffedanimal
a hand holding a crochet fish toy in front of a swimming pool with the words no sew crochet fish free pattern
Plush Crochet Fish: No Sew Amigurumi Fish Free Pattern
This crochet fish is an easy no sew amigurumi pattern. With super bulky blanket yarn, this pattern crochets a large crochet fish that is approximately 7.5 inches long. This crochet fish makes for a really cute plush yarn amigurumi pattern. And it's a great scrap yarn amigurumi pattern too!
a crocheted doll wearing a graduation cap and gown with text overlay that reads, graduation crochet doll free pattern
Graduation Crochet Ideas: Small Crochet Graduation Doll Free Pattern
If you're looking for graduation crochet ideas and inspo, this small crochet graduation doll free pattern would make such a lovely personalized crochet graduation gift for the graduate in your life. You can customize this graduation doll to the graduate by using the various hair and clothing options. It would also be an adorable addition to a graduation crochet bouquet. #graduationcrochetdoll #graduationcrochetideas #graduationcrochetbouquet
a hand holding two crocheted bees with the text super easy crochet bee free pattern
Super Easy Amigurumi Free Pattern for Beginners: Small Crochet Bee
This super easy amigurumi crochet bee is an easy amigurumi beginner pattern. This amigurumi bee works up in just an hour and uses basic stitches and techniques for amigurumi. If you're looking for a quick crochet keychain pattern, this bee is perfect!
a crocheted monkey with the text 2 hour crochet monkey free pattern
2 Hour Crochet Monkey: Quick Crochet Animal Free Pattern
Looking for a quick amigurumi pattern for your next craft show? This small crochet monkey takes just 2 hours to crochet. This monkey is such a cute crochet stuffed animal pattern! It is just 4 inches tall and so cute! Try this free amigurumi monkey pattern now!
a yellow crocheted duck sitting on top of a white surface with the words no sew crochet duck free pattern
Small No Sew Amigurumi Crochet Duck Free Pattern
If you want a cute crochet stuffed animal, this no sew amigurumi crochet duck pattern is perfect! You can crochet this duck in just 2 hours - without sewing! It is a really cute spring amigurumi pattern.
two crocheted hedgehogs with pins on them
Crochet Hedgehog Free Pattern: Low Sew Amigurumi Animal Pattern
This cute crochet hegehog free pattern is a low-sew amigurumi pattern - you just have to sew on the legs so that it can stand! This hedgehog is such a cute amigurumi animal pattern. You can also use it as a crochet pincushion, making it a great crochet gift for mom or even yourself!
crochet pattern moon amigurum with hand holding it
Crochet Moon Amigurumi -- FREE Pattern
two crocheted stuffed animals sitting on top of a wooden bench next to each other
No Sew Crochet Duck Free Pattern
Are you looking for cute crochet stuffed animals? This no sew crochet duck works up in just 2 hours. If you make it in DK or worsted weight yarn, you can crochet a duckling that is 4 inches tall. With super bulky yarn, this amigurumi duck is 11 inches tall. If you're looking for crochet ideas for spring, you will love this! #crochetduck #nosewamigurumi #freeamigurumipattern
crochet doll patterns with the title overlay that reads, 15 + crochet dolls free patterns
2 Hour Crochet Dolls Free Patterns: Quick Amigurumi Projects
These 2 hour crochet dolls free patterns are quick amigurumi projects. Whether you want to a crochet bride, crochet superhero doll, crochet witch, or so much more, we have a pattern for you. With over 15 hairstyles to choose from for these mini crochet dolls, you can crochet a custom doll for someone special. You will love these cute crochet dolls.
crochet toys for babies with pictures of them and text overlay that says free patterns
Crochet Toys for Babies Free Pattern
Looking for quick crochet toys for babies? These patterns would make excellent crochet baby gifts. They work up quickly and would be great for your next baby shower. They are crochet baby rattles plus matching amigurumi baby toys that you will love! #crochetbabytoys #crochetrattles
two crocheted bees are shown with the text, 1 hour crochet bee free pattern
1 hour crochet projects: Quick small crochet bee
Looking for 1 hour crochet projects? This small crochet bee works up in under an hour! This crochet bee works up really quickly and is a super easy amigurumi free pattern for a beginner.