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Body Maintenance

Body Maintenance

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How To Make Pure Coconut Oil Soap

on it!

Smudge a tiny clay mask on an individual pimple and watch it shrink overnight

Think I might just make this...remineralizing your teeth to reverse and heal cavities without having them drilled and filled. Hmmm!!! Sounds like someone should have told me about this years ago!

Thyroid Function dumbed down for me.

Super Shine, DIY style: The instructions here differ somewhat from those in anther similar pin: 1/4 cup olive oil + 1 TBS honey. Mix it up and work it through your hair. Leave in for at least 30 minutes - overnight is better. Result: Gleaming, soft, smooth, totally non-staticky hair! - Need to do!

A really awesome cut

Ideal haircut: Most popular hairstyles from Pinterest are selected and collected here in this page. Check often to not to miss the recent popular hairstyles.

Kim K shows off Scott Barnes' contouring skills - the man is a master and the tutorial is easy!

From another Pinner: "People ask about my hair a lot, I swear by this supplement: it works amazingly! After only a few weeks you will see longer hair, drastically fuller eyelashes, and serious nail growth! Perhaps even better: Target has it for only $3 a bottle!

Once weekly: Heat olive oil & honey to boil; cool. Comb through your hair to encourage faster growth. These treatments will make your hair super smooth as well.

Rich in proteins, vitamins and super- nurturing fatty acids, egg yolks not only make your hair softer, shinier, healthier, but help it grow long as well. To get all the benefits egg yolks provide, simply mix 2 egg yolks + 2 TBS XXtra Virgin olive oil; dilute mixture with 1 cup water; slowly & thoroughly massage into your scalp. To allow your hair/scalp time for maximum absorption of all the nutrients, wait 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing well.

tracey anderson diet

Love the cut...

good to know

You'll be sad if you ignore to pin. Every hair tip there ever was, categorized in one place. Pin now read later This really IS as good as everyone says!

10 best exercises for 6 pack abs

BEST Water To boost weight loss - 2L water + 1 medium organic cucumber + 1 organic lemon, 10-12 mint leaves (crushed). Steep overnight in fridge and drink daily. Great for general detox & clear skin! Just a side note ... this drink is AWESOME!!!

#trying it! 4 back-strengthening exercises

I wish....

Secret Shared: Long term battle with acne; meds failed to control. COCONUT OIL is added to the diet and POOF! Clear skin! Seriously. Go buy some at Whole Foods, just make sure it's raw, cold-pressed, unrefined, virgin coconut oil. Also works great for weight loss and promotes healthy hair and nails. Use it as a butter substitute and for sure if you plan to fry something. :) (It has 'antibiotic' properties)

For how-to on losing weight & toning up, esp. new mommies, look at Natalie's website for inspiration and ideas. Fitness blogs are often annoying -- this one, not so!

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Fade Age Spots

DIY teeth whitening