Find about David Beckham Style? Beckhams style is quite neat. David Beckham’s style has developed over time. In the past few decades, David Beckham’s individual style has matured over time. Should you be interested in that brief style, then you …

Ray Ban aviator sunglasses are perfect for any face shape. No matter the style or color, Ray Ban will always have an option just for you!


See nerd glasses, think 'Hot.' Remember I, too, wear glasses, think 'Our kids would be screwed.' Nerd glasses aren't that hot :[

Want to dress like a nerdy boy? Nerdy look is the new hot favourite for boys and men. Take a look at different outfit ideas for a cute, sexy and yet nerdy look

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Slim fit blue suit, via Perfect outfit for my sons, prefer a very good t shirt, like one of Sissy Boy instead of a shirt with tie. Love bare feet in mocassins.


i don't wear a lot of of black, but when i do, i tend to wear classic lines. black straight chino's - black simple jacket paired with a soft blouse. swing along a large leather purse accompanied with a cool scarf

Shirt: Land’s End Canvas - $19 Pants: Topman - $50 Shoes - Alfani (bought at Buffalo Exchange) - $25 Tie - Etsy - $12 Tiebar - The Tie Bar - $15 Sunglasses - Ray Ban Clubmasters Belt - H - $10

Pants Topman - Shoes Alfani - Tie Etsy - Tiebar The Tie Bar - Sunglasses Ray Ban Clubmasters - Belt H


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I'll never break a pair of glasses again! Steve McQueen Folding Sunglasses, by Persol