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Visual Theology

A collection of images that display truths from the Bible.

Visual Theology

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A thematic timeline of the New Calvinism.

  • Alakazama

    When you say New Calvinism is there a difference from the historical definition of Calvinism?

  • Victor Lynde
    Victor Lynde

    For a short 12 min video on "What's new about New Calvinism?", then here's a link ( ). For a much longer, but very thorough and insightful talk about what New Calvinism is and what's different about it, then look at this lecture by John Piper at Westminster Theological Seminary ( )

  • Spoudazo .US
    Spoudazo .US

    We just posted some new info on the New Calvinism on our Facebook Spoudazo.US. See our Note section.

In honor of R.C. Sproul's 75th birthday, here is an infographic about his life and ministry.

  • Jonine Blackshear
    Jonine Blackshear

    This is cool. :) Like baseball cards for theologians...

John Piper: The Infographic

John MacArthur: The Infographic

An infographic showing 4 ways of reading the book of Revelation.

Four ways to read Revelation

This infographic looks at what the Bible says about Christ's work of atonement.

Visual Theology - The Atonement

This graphic looks at the 40+ "one another" passages of the New Testament.

Visual Theology - One Another

An infographic displaying the rulers of Israel and Judah in the time of 1 & 2 Kings.

  • Maureen M.
    Maureen M.

    Tim this is now removed from the web page - no viewing in a large format. FYI

The top ten most read books in the world.

Top 10 Most Read Books In The World
  • Kelsey Keefe
    Kelsey Keefe

    "Some books have had more copies printed than these books, but a fast number of of those books were not sold, so we'll assume they were not read." Seems like a fallacy to assume that every purchased book was read. Thankfully, we live in a world with wikipedia: Harry Potter and other known best sellers aren't included in this article because there are no published sales figures, and in this graph above they seem to be grouping the entire series instead of one book. The cumulative number of Harry Potter books sold versus single copy books. Goosebumps has sold over 350million books-- but it's so obviously a series of 60+ books it isn't included here, despite other series being so, along side single volumes. tldr: this info graph is dumb.

  • Gareth Fairey
    Gareth Fairey

    … and then there's the scale (left hand side) …

  • Christine P
    Christine P

    Isn't it kind of stupid to have a scale measuring how many of each of these books was sold over the last 50 years considering some of them are only a few years old? The better chart would be the one beginning only when the newest of these books was published.

  • Mindi Fowler-Ogden
    Mindi Fowler-Ogden

    I think it's signifies that within the past 50 years the Bible IS and ALWAYS WILL BE the #1 top seller. It does not matter what books are shown in the's a matter of showing the Bible will always be the most relevant bought and read historical truth.

  • Tracy Coles
    Tracy Coles

    I agree very much with mindi fowler-ogden! ;-)

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Here are the five pillars and five points of Reformed theology.

Visual Theology - Reformed Theology
  • Joelexander

    Another good title would be "The 5 Marks of Good Theology."

  • Ruben Cardenas
    Ruben Cardenas

    ^ Yes. @Alex B.

  • Dana Tuttle
    Dana Tuttle

    Thanks! I've been waiting!

A visualization of Genesis 1-2.

Creation (Genesis 1-2) (redux)

This infographic looks to the fruit of the Spirit in the Christian's life.

More Amazing Visual Theology from Tim Challies - ChurchMag
  • Elizabeth Siegel
    Elizabeth Siegel

    Is it possible to buy prints of these infographs you post?

  • Ari El
    Ari El

    Elizabeth - he has prints for sale at the visual theology store

  • Elizabeth Siegel
    Elizabeth Siegel

    Forget my question. I just read your blog post. :)

  • Elizabeth Siegel
    Elizabeth Siegel

    Oh, thanks i will check that out.

Here's an infographic from the 1500s, long before they were all the rage. It's very dense!

This stunning visual displays biblical cross-references.

Chris Harrison | BibleViz
  • David Westerfield
    David Westerfield


  • Rachel Lee
    Rachel Lee

    This is very cool

  • Sheryl   ;)~~
    Sheryl ;)~~

    It's beautiful, what does that mean? Biblical cross-references?

  • David Westerfield
    David Westerfield

    It means those are verses citing other verses.

Here is John Bunyan's A Map Shewing The Order and Causes of Salvation and Damnation. It is more info than graphic and is quite dense.

Ordo Salutis —
  • Tonia Allen
    Tonia Allen

    Wow! That is *fantastic*! I'm thinking I know people who would like this framed for Christmas! T

An infographic about the unexpected consistency of the Bible.

Sixty-Six Clouds | Extras
  • Maureen M.
    Maureen M.

    Michelle Colon No it doesn't Michelle. Nowhere does the Bible contradict itself. Study hermeneutics and you will see, I pray.

  • Kt Anne
    Kt Anne


  • ElizaBeth Marshall-Smith
    ElizaBeth Marshall-Smith

    .........And then Michelle.......explained herself.........!

  • Angella Sperry
    Angella Sperry

    2 Timothy 3:16 ~ [All scripture is given by inspiration of God], and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: So the answer to the question on the graph is (drum roll please) DIVINE INSPIRATION!

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This graphic looks to the Old Testament tabernacle. Every item in the tabernacle was given by God to display truth and here we’ve tried to show what each item proclaims about the sinner’s need, God’s provision, and the ultimate fulfillment in the coming Messiah.

Visual Theology - The Tabernacle

What does the average American megachurch look like? This infographic lets you know. | Infographic: The World of Megachurches

The church and technology.

A summary of the different kinds of worldview.

Worldview summary (updated)
  • Bonnie Porter
    Bonnie Porter

    @Tim Challies. Insert "some". Summary of some of the different . . . .

  • Alexandra Lin
    Alexandra Lin

    I must say I always think of this..

This is The Middle-Aged White Guy's Guide to Christian Rap. It might be a bit of a stretch to call this theology, but it's close enough.

The Middle-Aged White Guy's Guide to Christian Rap
  • Blake Porter
    Blake Porter

    FO SHO!!!!

It's not Christian per se, but it's an interesting infographic on homeschooling.

Homeschooling By the Numbers [infographic]

The Mobile Bible.

This infographic displays three views on the extent of Christ's atonement.

  • Anna Jackson
    Anna Jackson

    Deep deep deep. When I was saved, I was in camp #1... now I'm firmly in camp #3. This is really a pretty decent graphic representation of the views. Except it needs to be noted that in camp #1 a person is assumed to be able to jump either direction at any time and perhaps even multiple times in their life.

This infographic displays the unbreakable chain of hope from Romans 8.