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    Toshiyuki Manabe
    Toshiyuki Manabe
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    Toshiyuki Manabe

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    Why did you wake me?

    Milou and his new buddies they really took care of him and he loved them ☺️ #sheltiemilou

    Thank u so so so much for 300 followers! ☺️ #sheltiemilou

    Milou got so dirty today so I needed to shower him. Tomorrow we're going to spend the day in the car, traveling up to Stockholm to visit my family #sheltiemilou

    Today's training in the stable, Milou thought it was really interesting and a little bit scary. But he loved all the kids #sheltiemilou

    Almost 14 weeks now, 25 cm high and 2,6 kg heavy #sheltiemilou

    Good morning sunshine two more days to Christmas #sheltiemilou

    Can I eat them now mommy, pleeeease? he's such a good boy #sheltiemilou

    This little guy is so cute, but sometimes he's pain in the ass #sheltiemilou

    Best boy ever. Now it's time to spend some time with my whole family, tomorrow it's Christmas #sheltiemilou

    Milou loves this mountain, if he could he would stand there all day and just look around #sheltiemilou

    Baby Milou, 8 weeks! he was so smaaaall, the rat is almost bigger than him #sheltiemilou

    Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and ate a lot of tasty food. Milous Christmas food was a lamb rib, so tasty #sheltiemilou

    Goodmorning furfriends I've been up since 8am this morning, but now it's time to sleep again because I spend a few hours in the stable so I'm tired now #sheltiemilou

    Today's outfit it's soooo cold here today, but no snow. Milou wants snow #sheltiemilou

    FINALLY some snow!! Here with my neighbors dog, so much fun❄️☃ #sheltiemilou

    Weeeey I love snow so so so much! Please stay for a couple of days, pleaaaase❄️ #sheltiemilou

    The snow is still here so it's gonna be awesome today. He's going to play with my neighbors dog today, hope to take some pictures ☺️ #sheltiemilou

    Today's evening snack, almost bigger than him. It's a lamb neck, he loves it #sheltiemilou

    Thank you all so much for this year. Hope 2016 will be great to all of you! Happy new year furfriends ❤️ #sheltiemilou

    The snow is slowly melting but Milou is still happy #sheltiemilou

    Bought a new harness to Milou yesterday, a green Rukka. Really like it #sheltiemilou

    It was so nice weather two days ago. Sun, cold, snow❤️ btw, Milou turns 15 weeks today #sheltiemilou

    We're going to spend this New Year's Eve like this! The best way. Cuddling in the sofa in front of the junior championships in hockey. Go Sweden! We wish you'll a happy new year #sheltiemilou

    Today's morning walk. Milou was a little bit scared yesterday, but he calmed down quite good at the end #sheltiemilou

    My little cutie. Just 8 weeks old on this picture, so tiny and so adorable he's still adorable though #sheltiemilou

    This is actually one of my favorite pictures of Milou, what do you think? #sheltiemilou

    It's snowing here and Milou loves it! Here is my favorite picture from this morning, I just love this picture this is our last day in Stockholm so tomorrow we will spend a lot of hours in the car driving home to Trollhättan☺️ #sheltiemilou

    Milou spend this evening with my friend and her family because we went out for dinner. He's doing so great and is always so happy to meet new people, that's my boy #sheltiemilou

    Now we're finally home in the apartment again. Milou was doing so great in the car this video is from our stop in Örebro, so much snoooow! Milou loved it like always #sheltiemilou

    He wasn't interested about going out for a night pee, so tired dog now we're laying in bed ready to sleep, goodnight ❤️ #sheltiemilou

    I absolutely love this photo of my favorite boy. What do you think about it? What could have been better? #sheltiemilou

    Out for a walk on the ice. It's so cold here, -9 degrees. But Milou loves it, running around like crazy. But he has clothes on, that's why❄️ #sheltiemilou

    Milou yesterday. Now he's sixteen weeks old, big boy! ❄️ #sheltiemilou

    So tired pup. Time to sleep now, tomorrow it's friyay #sheltiemilou