Lieux abandonnés

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Photos prises dans des lieux abandonnés du Québec.

Chameau volant
The abandoned MT Psychiatric Center, NY. This relatively small psychiatric center is listed as one the most haunted places of the county and has been fenced off for over a decade. The building itself is about to collapse and parts of the floor are moving Abandoned Buildings, Abandoned Asylums, Old Buildings, Abandoned Places, Abandoned Castles, Haunted Asylums, Most Haunted Places, Spooky Places, Insane Asylum

MT Psychiatric Center, NY

View On Black Coffin US trip March 2010. Finally after dreaming and talking about it for a couple of years, Bart and I stand in front the huge airbus A380 that is about to take us to New York JFK airport. We’re off for a week exploring in the states, meeting up with with American explorers and doing some tourist stuff since this is for the both of us our first visit to the States. Our six and a half hour flight turned into a 11 hour trip due to delay because of technical difficulties. We…

Abandoned houses in the Eastern townships Abandoned Buildings, Abandoned Places, Canton, Spooky Places, Construction, Village Houses, Painted Chairs, Old Houses, Architecture

Abandoned houses in the Eastern townships

Abandoned for more modern constructions or left behind to adrift once the occupants died, abandoned houses populate the countryside. Hidden under vegetation who tries to conquer its old territory, sometimes the time prevents explorers from entering into these incredible places by collapsing the foundations or by twisting the walls like old rags. Few of them will be restored after many years left to themselves. Most of the time, years will turn them down or will be by the owners when…

Winter, la prison abandonnée de Sherbrooke - Prison, Man Made Environment, Urban Exploration, Photos, Pictures, Playground, Places To Visit, Canada, Explore

Winter, la prison abandonnée de Sherbrooke

Il en fallait de la motivation pour prendre la route par ce matin glacial de décembre alors que le thermomètre indiquait -29°C. Mais la destination en valait la peine: une prison abandonnée vieille de 130 ans à Sherbrooke. Qui plus est, j'avais obtenu une autorisation spéciale d'y tenir une session de photo. La journée allait être d'une productivité incroyable dans cette prison au nom tout approprié pour cette journée au froid Sibérien: la prison Winter. Ses débuts C'est en 1865 que débute…

Abandonned house Canton, Construction, Architecture, Abandoned, Art Photography, Photos, House Styles, Tired, Walls


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Escalier lugubre de la Maison Notre-Dame de la Chesnais. Stairs, Home Decor, Ideas, Home, Places, Stairway, Decoration Home, Room Decor, Staircases



The old Canada Malting plant History Projects, Urban Exploration, World War Two, Abandoned, Old Things, Photos, Canada, Explore, Artwork

The old Canada Malting plant

Built in the early twentieth century, the former Canada Malting plant has a dozen gigantic silos of 37 meters high. The oldest was built in 1905. Hundreds of employees worked there after the Second World War, until the closure of the factory at the turn of the 80s. The building, despite its poor condition, is unique. With its ceramic silos, it is one of the last two copies in North America. Designated as a Heritage site in Montreal, this former malting plant is now a huge rusty ruin who…

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