owls kissing

Cropped ‘owl’s show’ by Russian photographer Lilia Tkachenko. via the photographer on

Beauty Routines

I just painted my little girls nails today.the magic in her eyes as I swept the glittery paint across her nails. I cherish these little moments.

yes.. its a bird #Shadows

a bird. He looked from the shadow to her hands, but they were empty. The bird was only a shadow, and Ian was going insane.

Because there would be no reason NOT to pin this...

Honey, any cowboy worth his salt would never handle a rope without gloves.but you sure make some sweet eye candy.

Something about Nothing

❤ I think of rivers, of tides. Forests and water gushing out. Rain and lightening. Rocks and shadows. ~Haruki Murakami, Image ~The Ghost Forest by Natalia Drepi


Mirrors are a common trope in photography, but no less fun or exciting even though they are used a lot. Today I put together some of my favorite mirror play photos, from surreal eye benders of Yeo…

Mouse in snake

Black and White creepy weird white black and snake mouse rat xray skeleton?


egret or heron on alligator nature's carpooling - bird watching in Everglades National Park


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