{Frog Sandwiches}

Sand and Table

A Frog Party - Sand and Table


{Frog Sandwiches}

Sand and Table

A Frog Party - Sand and Table


Pudding Filled Dirt Cupcakes - chocolate cupcakes with a pudding center and cookie crumbs and gummy worms on top

Inside BruCrew Life

Pudding Filled Dirt Cupcakes


Pack this fun Kid’s Dirt Dessert Snack Pack in your kid’s lunch and he/she will be the most popular kid in the lunch room. Wouldn’t it be fun for your kids to discover this fun Halloween treat in their lunch?

Lady Behind the Curtain

Kid's Dirt Dessert Snack Pack - Lady Behind the Curtain


40 Healthy Snacks for Kids!

How Does She

40+ Healthy Snacks for Kids! | How Does She


These lunch on a stick ideas are SO FUN! You can make almost anything into lunch kebabs and bring back some life and creativity to your boring old lunches!

One Little Project

50+ Ideas for Lunch on a Stick | Lunch Kebabs


Put your son's toy cars in a shadowbox after he has outgrown them and use to decorate his room. — The Mom Creative

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cupcakes in dollar store champagne flutes.

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Cereal Box Parking Garage from Frugal Fun for Boys

Frugal Fun For Boys

Cereal Box Parking Garage - Frugal Fun For Boys

Fun Handprint Art

21 Thanksgiving Activities for Kids | Proverbs 31 Woman


"Draw a Face" Page

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Native American sand art

For the Love of Teaching


dream catchers for kids - Google Search

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Great Thanksgiving art project! Make pilgrims and Native Americans from toilet paper rolls! After finishing students could write a story about the characters they made. :]

Mrs. Jackson's Class Website Blog: Thanksgiving Crafts


Making a fall leaf wreath with kids

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Handprint and Footprint Arts & Crafts: Non-Turkey-Themed Thanksgiving Ideas Using Hands & Feet

Fun Handprint and Footprint Art


16 Fall Kid Crafts | A Little Craft In Your DayA Little Craft In Your Day

A Little Craft In Your Day

16 Fall Kid Crafts - A Little Craft In Your Day


Fall craft ideas. Lots at the bottom of the post.

I Can Teach My Child!

Show-and-Share Saturday Link Up! - I Can Teach My Child!


Fall means harvest time, and that means fresh corn on the cob! Share in the harvest with your kids this year by making this cute and festive corn collage to display.

Corn Collage | Crafts | Spoonful


These autumn leaf suncatchers are such a perfect way to bring some fall color inside!

The Artful Parent

Fall Nature Suncatchers with Leaves and Flowers


So many scarecrow crafts, but what about the crows? As autumn rolls in and farmers work on their harvest, the crows will be looking for free goodies. Make this cute little crow to celebrate fall!

Crafts by Amanda

Plastic Cup Crow - Crafts by Amanda


DIY cardboard cut out. Tmnt. Ninja turtles party.

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Diy Ninja turtles birthday party decoration. Wrap streamer around green paper lantern (partycity). Cut out white paper in the shape of eyes, color in eyeballs with black sharpie! Last hang from ceiling, easy and very cute!

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Candy Medals for party gamesome family game nights

Little House on the Circle

Family Game Night {and some free printables}


Story Stones Ideas for Kids - 5 ways to make and use story stones to develop kids' storytelling... So creative!

The Artful Parent

5 Story Stones Ideas - Storytelling with Rocks - Artful Parent