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Mind blown

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Bit Rebelsfrom Bit Rebels

15 iPhone Apps That Pay You For Using Them [Infographic]

15 iPhone Apps That Pay You For Using Them #infographic

15 iPhone Apps That Pay You For Using Them [Infographic]

Yse pool noodle pieces to keep your boots up. talking about using your noodle!

Boutique Narelle - A Noodle in Your Boots

How to cover a duvet the EASY way in UNDER two minutes! Who knew it could be this simple?! #cleaning #lifehacks

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The Simple Sistersfrom The Simple Sisters

7 Steps to Become an Early Riser

7 Steps to Become an Early Riser. I wake up early now, which is a miracle. Here's how I picked up the habit.

7 Steps to Become an Early Riser

Use press n' seal to prevent your necklaces from tangling when traveling- this is genius!!1

20 genius space-saving hacks for packing your suitcase

Print and tape to the bottom of your keyboard or the side of your desk!

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Just tried this for the first time and I got coupons for all 15 items I put in - Coupon hack.

1000 Life Hacks | Quotes Imgs

Ashley Brookefrom Ashley Brooke

What's in My "Just in Case" Bag

How to pack the perfect "Just In Case" Bag aka the lifesaving kit of girly essentials that will prepare you for any situation!

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How to unshrink clothes....where has this post been all my life???

How to "Unshrink" Your Clothes! - One Good Thing by Jillee

Listoticfrom Listotic

33+ Helpful Moving Tips and Tricks That Everyone Should Know

33+ Helpful Moving Tips Everyone Should Know ~ How to pack the truck like an expert!

33+ Helpful Moving Tips and Tricks That Everyone Should Know

lock for deck - what a cool idea! no pinched fingers or broken nails! such a good idea!!

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How to pack like a freaking ninja: 8 days in a carry on bag.. definitely will need

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Instant Sunburn Relief Cure how to fix a painful sunburn and turn it into a painless tan with this tried and true trick. Brew 5 6 bags of earl grey tea and soak a towel in it. Apply towel to sunburn for at least 30 minutes.

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Make fonts with iFontMaker app for iPad

How I made fonts with my handwriting. - A Beautiful Mess

Buy mesh bags from dollar store and fill with downy unstoppables then place in linen closet for fresh smelling towels and sheets all the time!

Linen Storage Solutions

Twitterfrom Twitter

Life Tips on


Twitter / BestProAdvice:

A little hot air from a blow dryer quickly loosens price labels—with zero fingernail-chipping frustration.

Surprising Cleaning New Uses

Twitterfrom Twitter

FoCo Probz on

Excellent idea for outdoor party.

Twitter / FortFu_kedUp: Friday is finally here. Time ...

One Good Thing by Jilleefrom One Good Thing by Jillee

Hydrogen Peroxide Magic!

Tons of uses for hydrogen peroxide. The list is full of tips. I had no idea for you could use this for so many things!

Hydrogen Peroxide Magic! - One Good Thing by Jillee

How to Escape Zip Ties. Every girl should know this information.

How to Escape from Zip Ties

WHOOOAAAA - Crazy! This is the best (and fastest) way to tie shoes. I even teach the kids when I'm subbing. It blows their minds.

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iPhone app that allows you to inventory your entire closet and put together outfits

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Mind blown.

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A penny + a pinch of sugar in a vase keeps flowers perkier longer

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