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Australian black opal 1.10 carat loose gemstone - Solid opal CLICK HERE

Make your custom order with this beautiful gemstone!This is an Australian black solid opal carat loose g

Black Opal

World-Class Gem-Quality Australian Black Opal—"The Stardust Opal". T-Bones Mine, Corcoran, New South Wales, Australia My favorite stone

Black Opal

The play-of-color in this black opal has an exceptionally rare star pattern. - Courtesy Cody Opal----these Cody Opals are just great!

Black Opal, 10.4 ct

This isn't a boulder's just a magnificent opal.I had to include it's worth every penny they asked for it.


I'm in love with opal. Honestly I'd rather have that in my wedding ring than diamonds.