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Followers: Going on vacation few days. I'm burnt out. Learning to prioritize & balance. I work too HARD. SO: 1st: time at Jesus' feet, 2nd: husband/family/my dog 3rd: travel/nature/fun/self-time/ballet/exercise 4th: help others/pets 5th: my work. I'll have iPad & iPhone: send me urgent pets. I'll catch up with pets upon return-Mari


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No Phone, Big Problems: One Editor's (Humorous) Tale Of Losing Hers For 24 Hours

The story you just have to read to believe... What happens when you go without your smartphone for a whole 24 hours.

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Random Inspiration 132

One of my favorite colors is #Emerald. I wouldn't use it for a wall, but for some details in decoration. #DRH20

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