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An Unwritten Book by Fiona Watson (wildgoosechase) nature, journal, scrapbook, art, shells, leaves, flowers,

An Unwritten Book by Fiona Watson (wildgoosechase). A nature journal/scrapbook of art, shells, leaves, flowers.

Mobiles oiseaux des mangeoires

Mobiles oiseaux des mangeoires

Nature sketchbook journal, sketchbook, idea, inspiration, craft

Funny pictures about Incredible Water Color Journal. Oh, and cool pics about Incredible Water Color Journal. Also, Incredible Water Color Journal photos.

How to identify spring bees

How to identify spring bees? White-tailed or buff-tailed? Our guide will help you recognise 12 early-emerging bee species - many of which are common in gardens.

Des squelettes de feuilles colorés! Un bricolage d’automne qui sort de l’ordinaire!

DIY Colorful Skeleton Leave: Easily made with washing soda and food coloring.

Joyous Lessons: The Living Page :: Nature Journals

Over at the Ambleside Online forums , they're chatting about nature journals for moms and asking to see sample pages.

Autumn Nature Exploration Table from The Imagination Tree (",)

Autumn Nature Exploration Table

how to make a specimen page for a nature journal

Nature journal specimen pages. I think that this would be a fun science activity. We could get a large 3 ring binder and collect throughout the school year, write our observations.