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‘Motives are expressions of a person’s needs: hence they are personal and internal’.

The earlier view of leadership was that there are some inherent qualities with which a leader is born. He has a natural ability to command

Ministerial Control over Public Corporation

Morale is an intellectual as well as an emotional quality. To build up morale, therefore, it is necessary to train the employees in both these aspects


At the apex of Public Organisations is the political executive which takes different forms in different countries depending upon their political system as enshrined in their Constitutions.

The structural school of thought took roots with the writings of F. W. Taylor in 1914 while the Human Relations school of thought started in 1927 with the experiments of George Elton Mayo.

Under this system Government undertakings are registered as Government companies under the general Companies Act under which the private companies have also to be registered.

Morale has an individual as well as a group or institution aspect

Communication – Administrative Behavior

Herbert Simon attacked the classical theory of organisation based mainly on structural approach. He said that the so called principles of organisation were mere proverbs

Recent Advances in Decision Theory

Theories of Decision-Making

Decision-making is an important function of an administrator. Every administrator, in public sector as well as private sector, is required to make decisions on various matters. Even simple tasks cannot be performed without someone being there to take decision.

Douglas Mc Gregor was born in 1906 in USA and was a Professor of Industrial Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Chris Argyris has viewed organisation as an open system and has analysed the interactions between the organisation & the individual and between the organisation & the external environment.

Though it is widely accepted that the human relations school is an improvement over the classical school of management, still there are certain criticisms which are leveled against this school of thought also

A Picture worth a thousand words meaning :(


Folk Dances of East and North-Eastern India consists of many colors and different syles which are not usually seen within India.

President’s election is held in accordance with the system of proportional representation by means of the single transferable vote and the voting is by secret ballot, this system ensures that the successful candidate is returned by the absolute majority of votes.

One of the most ancient forms of dance art is Bhyarat-natyam, with its origins in an unbounded faith in God, and having the purpose of conveying to the human mind the virtues of purity coupled with an admiration for aesthetic values.

The union executive consists of the President, Vice-President and a Council of Ministers to aid and advice the President and the Attorney General.

The Fundamental Duties were inserted into the constitution of India by the 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act, 1976