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In a cocktail, neat, or on the rocks, Honey Whiskey is an expert blend of flavors designed to go down smooth. The sweetness of the honey and the bold richness of the whiskey also make it the perfect base for a BBQ sauce. Add soy sauce, bacon drippings, and cayenne pepper and you get a deep, bold, sweet and spicy sauce that can elevate any grilled dish into a joyful feast. | Char-Broil

Winter vegetables are tough by nature, since they’re built to withstand the bitter cold of the season. That toughness can make it difficult to unlock their flavorful potential, though. Luckily high-heat grilling is the perfect way to coax flavor out of those tricky winter greens. Check out our guide to Grilling Winter Vegetables to learn how parboiling, shocking, and oiling are essential to grilling that perfect winter dish. | Char-Broil

Sure coffee is good for sipping, but did you know it’s great for rubbing, too? Coffee-based spice rubs add a chocolatey, earthy layer of flavor to whatever you’re grilling or smoking. Our delicious rub features espresso, paprika, and orange peel for a tangy citrus kick that’s perfect for chicken, beef, and pork. All you have to do is apply the rub, let the meat rest, and then sit back and wait for the compliments to roll in. | Char-Broil

Thanksgiving may be over, but feasting season has just begun. You can’t go wrong with that classic bird, but if you’re looking to wow your guests, a beef roast is big, easy, and sure to impress. Our quick step-by-step guide shows you how to pair a sweet and tangy Worcestershire and garlic marinade with the smoky kick of the grill, so you can beef up your feast with the perfect holiday roast. | Char-Broil

Hickory, apple wood, and mesquite are some of the most common woods used for smoking. Once you’ve got the hang of those, though, it’s time to branch out. Different woods impart different subtleties to whatever you’re smoking, and it’s fun to explore new smoke flavors. But there are some woods you should never smoke, like pine, eucalyptus, and cypress. We’ve made this helpful chart to show you what woods you can and can’t smoke to help guide you on your smoking journey. | Char-Broil

When it comes to cooking pork chops, the oven or stove top is a good place to start. But that’s all it is. To truly unlock the flavor potential of this classic cut of pork, you’ve got to step outside your comfort zone and into the backyard. Grilling or smoking your pork chops adds a bold new dimension to the flavor profile, helping you achieve pork chop perfection. Check out our quick guide to help you get started. | Char-Broil

The Big Easy® Oil-Less Turkey Fryer isn’t only for turkeys. This Thanksgiving you can provide your guests with a simple, easy, and fast alternative to that classic holiday bird. At a rate of 10 minutes per pound, you’ll be slicing into the perfect Thanksgiving roast in no time. Click to get the recipe. | Char-Broil

The BBQ sauce aisle at the grocery store has plenty of options. Sweet, tangy, spicy and everything in between. But if you’ve ever wanted to add a little something extra, you understand the perils of store-bought sauces. Take your grilling future into your own hands and start making your own BBQ the way you want it in your own backyard. Click to check out how. | Char-Broil

Everybody loves the berries, melons, and fresh fruits of the summer. But fall flavors can be exciting, too. While you can get almost everything year-round, focusing on what’s in season locally ensures your food is at peak flavor. Whether it’s fruits like apples and cranberries or vegetables like cauliflower and squash, our seasonal food chart makes sure that this fall grilling season you’ll be grilling in season. | Char-Broil

Apples on pork might fly in the spring, but you wouldn’t wear flip-flops to Thanksgiving, would you? Food has seasons, too. It’s time to put away the chutneys and fruity slaws of the summer and start dressing your pork chops for the season. And nothing says fall quite like a sweet and smoky bourbon glaze paired with the richness of perfectly grilled pork chops on the Gas2Coal grill. Click to get this awesome fall recipe from @nibblemethis. | Char-Broil