Kenneth Reed

Kenneth Reed
New Jersey / I'm a former frustrated normal person trying hard to transform into a frustrated emerging artist. So far, I have the frustrated part down.
Kenneth Reed
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two models, charcoal, 18" x 24" #lifedrawing #figuredrawing #art #nude

two models, charcoal, x

Maz 9 #charcoal #nude #figuredrawing #art

you swept the ashes of winter lit red and nude drawn naked with smoke and coal still glowing in the shadow of paper flowers pressed to walls of plaster and stone --Pablo Picasso charcoal, 18 x 24

figure drawing in charcoal #figuredrawing #nude #art #charcoal

her spine is a boat in the sea her buttocks the round hills ashore her hair is the bouquet of flowers her legs are paths and rivers her silence is the loveliness of the night -- Ric S.

Figure Drawing 4, charcoal

Charcoal drawing from figure drawing session