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Who can be stressed after sitting in a box full of fluffy, clumsy, playful kittens? No one, that’s who — and we have the video to prove it. In the short clip above, appropriately titled, “Kitten Therapy: The Prescription for Stress,” unsuspecting passers-by are approached to take part in a short stress therapy session inside of a large enclosed area. What begins as a headphone-guided meditation soon turns into playtime with a troop of adventurous kittens.  The video was created by the ...

The Life of an American Crayon

Fresh Guacamole - Animated Short Film Oscar Nominee 2013

Paint Showers, A Colorful Stop Motion Animation by Miguel Jiron

▶ Interactive LED Floor - YouTube

stop motion COLORED PENCIL music video! TOTALLY WICKED!

From NY artist Holton Rower's "Pour" series. Follow link to see a hypnotic video of the process. (I totally want to do this sometime!)

▶ The Secret of Drawing - All in the Mind (BBC Documentary) - YouTube

What makes art valuable? - BBC Documentary HD

B.A.C.A. Bikers change lives of abused children | Yahoo Viewfinder - Yahoo Screen

Cirque Curtain Snatch - YouTube

KQED Education: Museums Etiquette

Caine's Arcade - YouTube

Minimalist stop motion at its best. A beautiful series of tissue paper animals by Yuki Ariga. Watch it at the link: www.thisiscolossa...

How camera lenses are made - YouTube

2012 Scotch® Off The Roll Tape Sculpture Contest

Sharpies "Start Something" by Matt Mitchell. Part of a national Sharpies Campaign. This 90 second spot follows Cheeming Boey, an unusual artist with a peculiar style. A great look

"Tubes of Wonder" - Watercolor + Pen & Ink Time-Lapse Illustration - JeffJag

Paperman Disney Short Official Trailer 2012 (HD) - YouTube

Akropolis shopping center Christmas 2012 by TAPE , via Behance

Akropolis Christmas by TAPE

Urban Calligraphy Skyfall by DESIGNWARS. Living in times that hope seems to have lost its meaning and mankind walks in paths of uncertainty and hate, Simon finds hope in the skyfall. His calligraphy leads him through inner peace and serenity to the path of wisdom. In a pure and magical way he manages to entrap us to his world of letters with one purpose, to convey his message of change and hope A better world is possible.

Diego Stocco - Duet for Leaves & Turntable by Diego Stocco. Recently I bought a turntable to use it for an experiment, but that didnt turn out as I was expecting.

Vegeta Dragon Ball - Homenagem Whitney Houston.mp4 - YouTube