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a map with the words prayer stations on it, and a photo of a crucifix
Resource: Prayer Stations! - Galloway Musings
there are many keys in the plastic container
Class challenge: Lock has reference and key has title. Must use the correct key to unlock. Submitted by Jenni Carter
the statue is surrounded by plants and lights
Living Waters First UMC, Rice Lake, WI
Poured out and stored within, living waters flow from above. The center fabric has clear Christmas lights underneath it to symbolize holy, living water. First UMC, Rice Lake, WI
a tree made out of handprints with the words family tree of faith on it
Family Tree of Faith - have everyone in church write name and put on tree; good visualization of our connectedness in Jesus
a bulletin board that says, take what you need and some other things on it
a sign that says prayer knotts on it
Worship Response Station Ideas
This could be a good idea for youth lesson on blessings. Or make a knot for every problem/diffuculty you may be facing and then go back and untie the knots while listening for Gods answers in meditation. Letting the problems go to God.
a handwritten note attached to a sign on a wooden desk next to a paper towel dispenser
7 Prayer Station Ideas
a room with curtains and lights on the floor, in front of a curtained wall
Children's Ministry Christmas Decorating Ideas
Children's Ministry Christmas Decorating Ideas
some green beads are in a bowl on the ground next to a sign that says no more
Create Your Prayer Space
Please beads... Pick up a bead, allow it to represent your request, hope, desire... Place it in the bowl
a sign that is posted on the wall in a bathroom saying rest and rest be still
7 Prayer Station Ideas
7 Prayer Station Ideas
there is a colorful net on the wall
Creating a Prayer Net
Creating a prayer net - a tactile way to pray that becomes a visual growing display - great for all age worship. Clear instructions and background story.
an illuminated cross in the dark with neon colors
Custom Christian T Shirt Designs
PRAYER STATION - Being and sharing the light of Christ.
the stage is set up for an event
Boxes of Fruit
Might try on a smaller scale with scripture for a worship response station.