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Homeschool Help

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Welcome to Homeschool help the brain child of Savannah over at Hammock Tracks.com Each week Homeschoolers from all walks of life will be sharing their insights on a variety of homeschool topics. For a complete list please visit: http://everybedofroses.blogspot.com.au/p/homeschool-help.html

Every Bed of Roses
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88 things first time homeschool moms need to know

Are you a first-time homeschool mom? You might think you need to know all about lesson planning, or Charlotte Mason, or unit studies. Here's what you really need to know.

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Homeschool Advice

Every Bed of Roses: Our Year in Review {2013} read about our field trips, experiences and reviews.  It's been a busy year and we look forward to 2014 Field Trips, Savannah Chat, Insight, Homeschool, Roses, Study, Education, Reading, Bed

Our Year in Review {2013}

I can't believe that there are only three weeks left in 2013! This week has been super busy with the launch of the new crew year. Meeting the new ladies on the team, organizing all the behind the scenes things that need to take place in order to bring what's new in the curriculum world. Changing things up on Pinterest and planning for the year ahead... I have been a little stunned by this being the final Homeschool Help post for 2013! This is edition 30 of the series and it's a reflective…

Every Bed of Roses: Our Top 6 Favorite Chapter Read-Alouds Read Aloud Books, Good Books, Homeschool Books, Homeschooling, Christian Magazines, Teaching Reading, Reading Lists, Learning, Book Baskets

Our Top 6 Favorite Chapter Read-Alouds

I have so many read aloud chapter books that are my favourite that it was very hard to narrow down the list to 6! This list is in no way our only favourites but they are some we have enjoyed recently and some are ones that spring to mind when thinking of read alouds I read to my oldest two years ago. I would love to know what are your favourite read alouds. Little Britches Series Author Ralph Moody. The Ralph Moody Collection has been one of the most amazing journey's we have undertaken as a…

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Barefoot Hippie Girl

A lifestyle blog about home schooling, teaching, fitness, cooking and recipes, Christian living and inspiration.

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Homeschool Burnout

Homeschool burnout is one of those things we all experience somewhere along the line as home educators. Those feeling of being overwhelmed and just not wanting to carry on yet in our hearts we know that is not true but our fickle feelings seem to tell us on occasion we are done for. There are many signs and sypmtoms of being burned out and there are many posts out there telling us to just get over it and keep going. The truth is we all need a helping hand and some encouragement. My favourite…

Sick of scouring the internet searching for preschool lesson plans? Wish you could find the best all in one spot? The Preschool Professor family of sites has what you are looking for! Preschool Lesson Plans, Charlotte Mason, School Organization, Organizing, Teaching Tools, Time Management, How To Know, Just In Case, How To Plan

Our Rhythm - Year Round Schooling

One of the things that home educating families struggle with is knowing that they do NOT need to follow school terms. For some reason most families I meet feel they need to follow school terms in order to know they are doing enough school. You have the freedom to schedule your year to best suit your individual families needs. Successfully homeschooling starts with a plan. I've been on the home education journey now for 15 years and one of the best decisions we made as a family was to switch…

Do you year round or do you take a summer break? Year round schooling or not (on your life! Make A Case, Home Schooling, Girl Blog, Your Life, Savannah Chat, Barefoot, Lifestyle Blog, Homeschool, Parenting

School...Year Round or Not (on your life!)

So, let's just get this right out there in the open. Being a home school mom I am totally not into (read-absolutely against) year-round schooling. For me. If you choose to do it, I'd say you are a better woman than me. The reason the Barefoot Hippies have summer break is because I need a break. This is so not about my kids. I'd have a pic of me by a pool sipping a mimosa, except there are none.=) I want the freedom from schedule. I want the time to accomplish other projects. I want the…

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3 Things You Must Do if You’ve Just Pulled Your Child Out of School

Three years ago last April I withdrew my five-year old son from school. Although I knew I’d done the right thing, I was as terrified as I was excited about the prospect of homeschooling. I re…

Homeschool Chicks: Transitioning from school to home Homeschool High School, Homeschool Curriculum, Homeschooling Resources, School Info, School Ideas, How To Start Homeschooling, Early Education, Play To Learn, Teaching Tips

From School to Homeschool

This weeks topic is: Your Top 3 Suggestions for Someone who Pulled Child out of School Mid Year. Earlier this year I worked with two students (aged eight and ten) who came home to home educated for a couple of months. This was an interesting experience. In New Zealand our home school support group leader often would counsel mom's to simply leave the academics on the shelf for the first few months and settle into being at home full time. I now know why. It was a lot more tricky than I…

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Seeking to Learn a New Language

This weeks topic has me a little at a loss for words. Personally I speak two languages (English and Afrikaans) and understand three more (Flemish easily, Dutch and German (if spoken slowly)). How I came to reading, writing and speaking a second language fluently was through immersion. When I was five years old we moved across the country from beautiful Cape Town to Pretoria and our neighbours were Afrikaans families. Through friendships I learned to speak and understand Afrikaans fluently…

Home Schooling is a team effort, though moms and dads often have different roles. What is dad's role in your home schooling? Fathers Day Presents, Fathers Day Cards, Gifts For Father, Home Schooling, Girl Blog, Mom And Dad, Barefoot, A Team, Lifestyle Blog

He's on My Team

Welcome to our weekly home school post. This is a collaboration of (currently) 6 blogging home school moms. Each week we cover a topic or question related to home schooling. We link to each others' posts so you can get different perspectives on what works for different people. 6 different stories. 6 different methods. This week's topic is Dad's Role in Home Schooling. My first reaction when I read that last week was that Mr. Hippie really has no role in our home schooling. He just doesn't. I…

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Dad's Helping Hand in our Homeschool

Years ago when I first started home educating there was a move within the home school community that Dad is the head of the house and therefore should be in charge of your home school. There was also a silent expectation that he aught to be doing A to Z within your home school. I lived with such guilt, condemnation and confusion during this time. Paul didn't do even 5% of what was on the prescribed list. How could he ? He was up and out the home by 7am to be at work. Due to the physical…

This week’s Homeschool Help topic is “Help! My child hates writing!” My suggestion whenever a child hates anything is to take a complete break from the current routine and have so… Writing Games For Kids, Creative Writing Classes, Cool Writing, Writing Activities, Writing Resources, Literacy Games, Writing Ideas, Writing Services, 5th Grade Writing

5 Writing Games Your Kids Will Love

This week’s Homeschool Help topic is “Help! My child hates writing!” My suggestion whenever a child hates anything is to take a complete break from the current routine and have so…

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Teaching Compostion {Language Arts}

Teaching writing seems to be one of the catch phrases amongst home school families and one of the most discussed topics within home school co-ops and support groups and is evidenced by the quantity of writing curriculum's available today on the market. Writing structure and style is not something that comes with ease to us and the reason for this is because it was not something that was taught to us. Most adults I've consulted with have memories of topics and word counts but no formal…

Barefoot Hippie Girl: Cultivating a Love of Writing What Is Challenge, 5th Grade Writing, Kids Learning Activities, School Days, School Stuff, Writing Practice, Home Schooling, Our Kids, Homeschool

Cultivating a Love of Writing

I love to write. I think I almost always have. I grew up writing reports and letters. I had several pen pals. I wrote a lot and often. I wrote because writing is very cathartic and clarifying for me. And then I started writing this blog. Writing this blog has made me strive for good grammar (relatively) and good spelling plus clear, (somewhat) concise and logical thought flow. The more I have written, the better I have gotten (I think). At over 525 posts in two years, you could probably call…