Colorful Bee...what an awe inspiring artist our Creator is!

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green tree python.

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beautiful colors


Dahlia garden

Floral Ombre - Multi - DIGITAL PRINT

The family Fulgoridae is a large group of hemipteran insects, especially abundant and diverse in the tropics, containing over 125 genera worldwide. They are mostly of moderate to large size many with a superficial resemblance to Lepidoptera due to their brilliant and varied coloration. Various genera and species (especially the genera Fulgora and Pyrops) are sometimes referred to as lanternflies or lanthorn flies, though they do not emit light.



Photograph of the Day: Colorful Birds

The Purple Reef Lobster

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The King Vulture (Sarcoramphus papa) is a large bird found in Central and South America. It is a member of the New World vulture family Cathartidae. This vulture lives predominantly in tropical lowland forests stretching from southern Mexico to northern Argentina.

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Bee Eater - I totally need one of these... I hate bees!

Beautiful Places in the world : Photo

Red and white pigeon

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I have never seen a purple crested owl--how cool is this??

"Owl" You Need is Love



Strange but colorful insect.

Fulgorids by Panumas Pattanakajorn | 500px


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Carmine Bee-eaters

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Golden Pheasant...que lindo! Estou encantada com as cores desse pássaro. quero um de presente

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Red Shafted Northern

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Charmaine Hoit


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The Fatal Gift of Beauty

Golden Pheasant

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Bird of Paradise

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European Goldfinch

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⭐ yellow blue green red . Gouldian Finch . birds 201606

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Alstroemeria ~ Miks' Pics "Flowers ll" board @

✯ Alstroemeria Beautiful - Gorgeous Flowers Garden & Love

~~Male King Eider Duck by Patrick J Endres~~

Male king eider duck portrait - AlaskaPhotoGraphics