I’m such a summer girl, and I’m already bursting to get myself back into a bikini, lay under some palm trees and watch the waves roll in while sipping away on some exotic cocktail!!

sweet Melody, This is how I picture you enjoying a day at the beach. No children, no animals, no one to bug you. Just you having a lovely day to yourself, to relax and just have fun doing whatever you want to do.' Hope you enjoy' Mrs. B/Joyce xoxo

This looks relaxing as well. Swinging from a palm tree wearing a straw hat is our idea of a wonderful vacation. Maldives. I would have to also do some activities as well during the week but this would be relaxing for sure.

Emerald Lake Dock ~ Canadian Rockies If we move them closer together, and turn them the other way, hold my hand, and we can relax and enjoy all the beauty...I would love that...

ARTICLE: 22 Summery, Serene Picnic Ideas

22 Summery, Serene Picnic Ideas