Tattoos I love!

Tattoos I love!

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Crazy for Christian Louboutin and found it with cheapest price here #high heels #fashion #red bottoms

The Collection: Christian Louboutin's Autumn Winter 2011 Shoes

The colors on this are so vivid! GO owls!! lol

Chapel TattooPicture 12 « – Kate

Alessandro Zaccaro's beautiful inked drawing. The First Steps of Hand-Lettering: Concept to Sketch - Class Feed - Skillshare

It's not about the destination it's about the journey


floral elephant | Best Tattoos - Pics of ink to fall in love with

My new owl tattoo

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boxing squirrel by Myke Chambers Tattoos, via Flickr

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Ryan Mason ~ Scapegoat, Portland OR

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Sewing Tattoo by Kazz the Spazz

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Very creative owl tattoo would like something similar with a wolf/husky face

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Deer, wolf, bear, sketch, drawing, pen, ink, illustration, design

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Sam Rulz

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Lion sketch tattoo by ~quidames on deviantART. I don't know why, but I actually really like this... Change the lion to leopard, ram horns to bull horns, and modify headdress

Lion sketch tattoo by quidames on deviantART

I love this... :) Be sure when you get a tat with a time on it.. you pick the time you want to show. Make it mean something to you.. the tattoo artist should understand.

Pocket watch | mortani

Ship thigh tattoo- 55 Thigh Tattoo Ideas | Showcase of Art

55 Thigh Tattoo Ideas | Showcase of Art & Design

39 Cool Thigh Tattoos for Girls (10)

39 Cool Thigh Tattoos for Girls

I'd like it on my arm instead of thigh, beautiful though :)

20 Thigh Tattoo Designs for Every Woman - Pretty Designs

Lotus Moon by MorgansCanvas on Etsy, $5.99

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“Incredible artwork by: @amyjaneelves! Follow her for more pictures of her art: @amyjaneelves @amyjaneelves! ✌️ #tattooinkspiration

Tattoos on Instagram: “Incredible artwork by: @amyjaneelves! Follow her for more pictures of her art: @amyjaneelves @amyjaneelves! ✌️ #tattooinkspiration”

Lotus flower - We have 55 Lotus Flower Tattoos to show you. It is a very spiritual and meaningful flower. #TattooModels #tattoo

88 Best Flower Tattoos on the Internet

Change the daffodil to a daisy or sweet pea flower and add in a rose. Represent my family in our birth month flowers.

Tattoo concept for friend by LusoNisshoku on deviantART

tea pot tattoo | liz campos # big daddys tattoo shop # finger tattoo # tattoo

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i like the minimal outline, mostly shadowing but with a different flower

Daryls Art - High Tide Tattoo Parlour