Harry Potter

As much as I love this, magic muggles are just wizards. *Embrace the magic, muggles! Muggles is an address, not an adjective receiving noun in this case.

Puberty was kind to the HP cast. Please also take a moment to appreciate Hedwig's new abs.

The Harry Potter cast then and now! Seriously, though, is no-one else gonna comment on the fact that. HEDWIG HAS ABS?

Harry Potter.

Jason Isaacs reconfirms his awesomeness…

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Harry Potter

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"He represents chaos" is the CREEPIEST thing I've heard of a little girl saying. Reminds me of the girl from Poltergeist and the twin girls from The Shining.


Good role model!

young girls are told that they have to be the delicate princess. hermione taught them. that they can be the warrior- Emma Watson

I never thought of how Muggleborns get onto the the platform. what about getting into Diagon Alley too? Hagrid is awesome,nut he can't do it all. Maybe Albus shows himself, and helps them onto the platform after he's had his laughs.

hahahaha!!! Funny but I love both Harry Potter and Twilight!!!!

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Harry Potter

"An athlete: 'What was the greatest moment in sports history?' Me: 'When Viktor Krum caught the Snitch but Ireland won.

Harry: Oh that's why you wanted a name that starts with A… Ginny: He he he

Ahaha imagine them spelling "not my daughter you bitch "