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Creative Fundraising

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Instead of asking for wedding gifts, Emilio and Alyssa are asking for donations to bring clean water to families in India!

mycharity: water

Meet Pickle the Pug! Pickle is trying to raise enough money to bring clean water to 10 families in Orissa, India.

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The incredible Ride for Water team biked across the United States to help raise support and awareness for clean water.

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To celebrate her birthday this year, Ashley is fundraising for charity: water. She's offered to doodle the name of every person who donates to her campaign and then to her blog -- doodles for water.

Doodles for Water

Give the gift of clean water.

Donate - Give The Gift Of Clean, Safe Water | charity: water

Just 20 dollars can provide a person with clean drinking water.

Donate - Give The Gift Of Clean, Safe Water | charity: water

charity: water opened a drop-off donation center at the Soho Grand to collect essential supplies for families hardest hit by hurricane Sandy. Open 11/6 + 11/7

charity: water blog

This little guy is using an adorable YouTube video to share his big idea--raising 3K in 6 dollar increments.

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Dani is giving up Chipotle until she raises 5K for charity: water. Paull offered to donate 100 dollars for eating a burrito in front of her!

Chipotle Challenge... ACCEPTED!
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    Melanie Erickson


Susquehanna University student Brian Maehl is making clean water a top priority while also juggling his studies and activities. Brian started up a charity: water club on campus that fundraises for clean water. This month, the club hosted their own charity: ball.

Campaign to watch: ballroom blitz
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    Sami Joy

    so proud to of been in this group!

On you can run, dance, give up birthday presents or just raise money to fund clean water projects for communities in need.

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Teacher Andrew McKenzie agreed to turn his white mustache bright blue if students raised 200 dollars for charity: water

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    Kudos to Andrew!

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    Yeah Andrew!

John Therrian is riding a self-contained bicycle, camping from coast to coast and delivering handwritten notes while raising money for charity: water.

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William and Tori wouldn't get engaged until they raised 5K for a well. They reached their goal and she said yes!

charity: water blog
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    Children of Uganda

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William and Tori won’t get engaged until they raise 5 thousand dollars for a well. People have done some crazy things to raise money for charity: water, but we’ve never met anyone courageous enough to leave such an important milestone up to a bunch of strangers.

Campaign to watch: Get them engaged! — Part I

Tim and Clay are paddle boarding for clean water. Paddle your way around the country, sell candy with your school, bake cookies — there’s no limit to what you can do for clean water!

Campaign to watch: Making a splash for clean water!

Allison Jean is a photographer from Brownwood, Texas. She auctioned off art, crafts and photographs to raise funds for water projects. She exceeded her goal and raised about sixteen hundred dollars — all for clean water!

Campaign to watch: Arts, crafts and photographs.

Give up your birthday, run a race, shave your moustache...grow a moustache! You can do anything to fundraise for water.

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Fundraiser and friend Chris Rich made this video to tell everyone about his newest mycharity: water campaign... we love it.

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On you can dance, bike, give up birthday presents or just raise money to fund water projects for communities in need.

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When Timmy Ho heard about the water crisis, he wanted to do something meaningful — so he gave up all alcoholic beverages for a year or until he raised one thousand dollars.

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    Jennifer Irizarry

    Hysterical. Great motivation!

The Hollands are moving from San Francisco to Portland and raising money for clean water along the way.

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Biking for clean water.

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"I used to tell people that I wanted to work for charity: water when I grew up. But now I think we might be able to fix this and there might not be a water crisis when I'm old enough to work." --Ella

Campaign to watch: Ella and 100 kids change the world.

"To honor this cause I will get a tattoo of a Jerry can on my right arm. I don't have any other tattoos" --Michael

Campaign to watch: A permanent mark of the mission.