b e a u t i f u l

Secret to long marriage (joke)- " A couple had been married for 45 years and had raised a brood of 11 children and was blessed with 22 grandchildren. When asked the secret for staying together all.

So many goals....I want this soon bad..... Congrats you two really found y'all match... I hope that I have ✌

Husband, 108, wife, 105, celebrate 82 years married

Example of Narcissistic Abuse: Pathological Lying (not showing positive stories and images)

Great shot to take on the wedding day, and then every anniversary.

"forever love- Laura Ring Photography- Washington" I want someone, who stands by my side even in the darkest moments, someone who fills those moment with a light of hope.

Photography: pinterest // .@kjvouge✨2nd Pinter: That's the beauty of true love.....

I feel like society is so fixated on definitions and ensuring that everything has an explanation, seeking out importance when sometimes things are best left undefined and nurtured.

i have a thing for old people in love

old couple - swing - to be just as in love deep into my old age as we are today