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One of the most common uses for PVC pipes is in the garage or garden shed. A few quick slices and a few drill holes will get you the perfect system for organizing your outdoor tools.

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15 Free Table Saw Outfeed Plans: Mobile Tables, Folding Tables, Outfeed Stands…

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Garage Storage on a Budget - Lot's of projects and ideas to keep your garage organized and neat.

PVC tool holder/caddy (this one's used in my stained glass studio). Made from lengths of PVC pipe attached to MDF with screws. Each piece of PVC was angle cut at one end so the screw was easily. Garage storage or inside utility cabinet doors?

Ranger les serre joints, le tube est cependant inutile pour les grands…

Overhead clamp storage or better yet fishing rod storage.

Guide de fabrication pour scie ronde

PM tells you how to build a your own circular saw guides The guides are compact for easy storage and most importantly, they can help you work more accurately and safely in the shop.

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Building a nice workbench is important. Many have come up with their own approaches. Here& how to build one using basic tools.

easy pine bench shed makeover

One Room Challenge Bench Building for extra seating. Built with pine 2 x for an easy DIY project for the shed makeover.

Marre d'IKEA ? Voici 9 Alternatives Que Vous Devez Connaître

Marre d'IKEA ? Voici 9 Alternatives Que Vous Devez Connaître

Retenue terre ardoise

Retenue terre ardoise