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Chicago  ·  pastor, pastor's coach, church consultant, minister, incorporating neuroleadership with biblical leadership
Charles Stone
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The best online music production courses I've found to date.

Elephantine memory

Long-term memory involves actual physical changes made to the brain and is virtually limitless. So how does one go about acquiring an elephantine memory? What are the secrets of long-term memory?

flip chart 2.0 by velkr0, via Flickr

flip chart 2.0 by velkr0, via Flickr

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The Neuroscience of You

7 Ways to Protect Your Family Life in Ministry

With open adoption through foster care, contact with a birthmother or birthfamily should be set with boundaries to protect adopted children and keep them safe

Your Brain at Work: Strategies for Overcoming Distraction, Regaining Focus, and Working Smarter All Day Long [Book]

A whole new way of thinking about focusing on the topic at hand.


Heavy multitasking Friday night, but the story moves on with characters talking over things like mild electrocution--

Twitter / charlesstone: The cover for my new ebook

“The cover for my new ebook, Maximizing Ministry with your iPad; Will be offering it free soon.