This site has science and social studies resources.

Who Owns the Money? Economics for 4th Graders

Terrific infographic on our government - who takes care of what? A Venn Diagram for our government. Great for social studies.

Understanding the differences between capitalism, socialism & communism

Understanding the differences between capitalism, socialism & communism (construct is mine Blisters, clip art is other's) This example is proof of communism because it shows the different qualities and stuff they use for their own government

What Is A Stock? News For Business Economy #Infographic #business #Stock

What Is a Stock? uses clear graphics and plain terms to explain what a stock is, offer a brief history of stock markets, and give a brief explanation of why people buy stocks - Via Crafty Teacher Lady

‘This Changes Everything’ – Infographic Charts 100 Years of Unrest That Followed Archduke’s Death

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

Management ist nicht gleich Leadership. Worin liegen die Unterschiede? Sie liegen in diesem & jenem & dem dort drüben. Ein wenig deutlicher stellt es die Infografik dar.

Management or Leadership skills, what is the difference? Importance, balancing leadership and management, leader characteristics, managers responsibilities