My mom was my inspiration for traveling. She loved visiting exotic places, and yet enjoyed the simple things in life. Yellow tulips were her favorite flower.

Simply the best weight loss program there is...

the very three things I don't do enough :) Well at least I know what I'm doing wrong! Sad thing is I've known it all along. Wish it was as easy to do (eat right, exercise, sleep enough) as it is to say!

future of racing cars

Batmobile-Like Nissan DeltaWing Is the Future of Racing

Nissan Delta Wing, entering 24 hours of Lemans but not competing. Looks very simular to Michael Keaton's batmobile.

Crisp & refreshing

of Tea - Natural Hibiscus Tea Bags - My new favorite tea!

2012 - fred1st's Photos #plantlife Daylilies by the creek

2012 - Photos Daylilies by the creek