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The graphic is humorous because it's a pun AND it's music related. Clever, Comical Pun It doesn't say anything about man kind. It's just a pun about music and a play on words.


Uh-Huh: Darth Vader Riding A Cat Into Battle. May the Fierce be with you :P It wouldn't be so funny if the cat didn't look like Alice, maybe Darth Vader could be played by the sugar glider. Lord, I'm cracking myself up.

Shawn Kemp

vintage basketball photos 16 Classic basketball pics sure to make you feel old photos)

#copper #mountains #coppermountain #colorado #winter #skiing #snowboarding #powder #high. Were going to copper mountain after christmas we got two spots open for the trip its not that expensive either but if you wanna to go hmu if u know me, btw I didn't take this pic.

They have my money on Copper Mountain. Three spring breaks in college. three road trip to Colorado skiing heaven. Someday soon, I will return.


INSANE Travel Photos That Will Make Your Stomach Drop! Most people ski down mountains, but this guy seems to enjoy diving down cliffs (Grand Targhee, Wyoming).