Charlotte Bennardo

Charlotte Bennardo
Writer, swimmer, dreamer, animal lover, mom, Scorpio, and slightly kooky.
Charlotte Bennardo
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Author on the Loose: Serendipity or Opportunity?

Author on the Loose: Serendipity or Opportunity?

Author on the Loose: Clear Your Desk!

Monday was National Clean Your Desk Day. Things I didn't clear/put/throw away: My trusty thesaurus .

Author on the Loose: To Mountain Tops and Paths Not Chosen...

I have climbed the mountain. I finished my middle grade novel, a sequel to a previous NaNoWriMo project.

Smack Dab in the Middle: Teacher, Teacher!

That is the sound of Utah State University students establishing the ground rules for Teaching Tolerance, an interactive presentation about civility with

Author on the Loose: It's Time to Talk Turkey!

I'm a little behind in my NaNoWriMo words (about and it only looks to get worse with the holidays coming). I have to clean and cook fo.

Author on the Loose: Almost Halfway There...

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Author on the Loose: 5 Pick Ups For Midlist Authors on Book Events

Authors do book events: conferences where they present workshops, book festivals where they sign books and interact with readers, library ap.