Crossfit Kids: banana game (can be played with a light medball or soccer ball) looks like fun!

Youth group banana game


Top 10 Fear Factor Birthday Party Games

Cupid’s Arrow Game - Blow the q-tips through a straw into a bowl in the center of the floor. Use two different colors of q-tips for boys against the girls or team competitions.

Cupid’s Arrow Game | Hopeful Homemaker

Andrew Hill Fantastics 2009 - Skin the Snake - YouTube would be perfect for my middle school PE group

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Water games for large groups - Cute ideas such as relays and 'Drip, Drip, Splash!' - a spin on the traditional 'Duck, Duck, Goose'

Water Games for a Large Group of Children | eHow

Duck, Duck, Splash - & 24 Water Games and Activities for Kids

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Messtival: Very Messy Games. Also recipes for gunge and slime.

Messtival: Very Messy Games

Messtival: Very Messy Games. Also recipes for gunge and slime.

Messtival: Very Messy Games

Cool-Off Game: Soggy Jog Relay. Line up the teams side by side, set the bucket of water between them, and position the lawn chair 20 feet away. The first child in each line dunks his team's sweatpants in the water, puts them on, and then runs around the chair and back to the starting line. There, he peels off the sweatpants (like a banana) and gives them to the next runner to dunk and don (inside out or right-side out), and so on. The first team whose members have all completed the task win...

Cool-Off Game: Soggy Jog Relay Game | Spoonful

HSM Summer Camp Games: Battle Fort

HSM Summer Camp Games: Battle Fort - Download Youth Ministry

Water Relay Races ~ Water Party Games like water bucket transfer relay, water gun relay, put on a wet suit relay, water balloon fight and shaving cream fight.

20 End of School Celebrations and Traditions - Tip Junkie

Wacky Waiter Game | Spoonful Could use a cup of water for older kids - first team to fill their container wins!

Wacky Waiter Game | Spoonful

Sponge Brigade Beat the heat at your next summer gathering with a game that requires fancy (and very silly) footwork.

Sponge Brigade Game | Spoonful

Kids Birthday Party Game Ideas For Summer | good boy scouts web page

Kids Birthday Party Game Ideas For Summer |

Summer Water Games: Team has to remove and melt a frozen T-shirt from a Ziploc Bag and then a designated team member has to put on the shirt. the first team to do this wins

WhiMSy love: Summer Diary: Day 5: Water Games

Minute To Win It - Games for Summer Fun!

Minute To Win It - Games for Summer Fun!

10 Favorite Field Day Games

Physical Education Resource for Teachers

10 Fun Games for a Picnic, Barbecue, or Outdoor Children's Birthday Party

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Shaving cream over a shower cap and then throw Cheetos on top--whoever catches the most, wins. that's hilarious.

Fun-O-lympics! 6 Olympics Party Ideas

Field Day Activities

Fun Kid's Game Ideas for Summer: Summer Olympics

Water bucket games and other field day activities

Field Day Activities - Online Sign Up Blog by VolunteerSpot

Ready Steady Jump Rope Game

Cool Off! Beat-the-Heat Backyard Treats and Activities

plunger game ~ Plunger Challenge: Start with 4-8 plungers. Kids pass a ball back-and forth as many times as possible. Younger kids do this while standing in a circle, older kids while running toward a finish line. Kids compete for lowest score - one point is awarded each time the ball hits the ground.

5 Favorite Field Day Games and Activities | RoomMomSpot

Love the cooperative activities! Hope to add some new ones for Highland this year!! :) Phys. Ed. website which includes Field Day ideas.

Field Day Ideas

Plunger Pass is good "clean" fun :)

Field Day - Online Sign Up Blog by VolunteerSpot